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ALERT NO : 10 ISSUE DATE: 11/17/93 SUBJECT: Defective General Electric (GE) Medium Voltage Motor, Controllers

SUMMARY General Electric has issued a Product Safety Alert identifying defects in vacuum interrupters used within medium voltage (i.e. 2.4kV and 5kV) motor controllers. GE contactors are also used by other controller manufacturers such as Powell Electric and IPS. The defective interrupters should be replaced as soon as possible. Equipment damage or operator injury could result from the continued use of these interrupters. BACKGROUND The defective interrupters are within 400A Vacuum Limitamp contactor models CR193B, CR193W and CR193V manufactured between November 1992 and June 1993. These contactors were used within model CRl94 and CR7160 controllers. The defective interrupters have serial numbers between 5500 and 7500. The serial numbers are scribed into the metal cap on the stationary end of the interrupter. The defective interrupters can only be identified and replaced by de-energizing and isolating the controller. CONCERNS Operator injury and/or equipment damage could result if the defective interrupters are not replaced. RECOMMENDATIONS GE contactors installed after November, 1992 should be checked as soon as possible. These contactors may not only be within GE Limitamp controllers but in other manufacturers' controllers as well (e.g. controllers manufactured by Powell Electric and the controllers manufactured by IPS for the Shedgum water wells use GE contactors).

The attached GE Product Safety Alert #HC-1 specifies the procedure for replacing the interrupters. The in-kingdom GE Service Representative is: GE MEELSA (Middle East Engineering Company Limited) P. O Box 2321 Dammam 31451 Attn: Ronald Greer, Service Supervisor Tel: 857-0032 . Fax: 857-9469 R.N. Sealy, Manager Consulting Services Department RWC Attachment: Distribution List, 2 pages GE Product Safety Alert #H-1, 7 pages