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Books by Patricia Wilson

The Final Price (1986) Bride of Diaz (1986) A Growing Suspicion (1986) A Lingering Melody (1987) Moment of Anger (1987) Ortiga Marriage (1987) Impossible Bargain (1987) A Certain Affection (1988) Beloved Intruder (1988) When the Gods Choose (1988) Temporary Bride (1988) Gathering Darkness (1988) Guardian Angel (1989) The Dangerous Obsession (1989) A Secret Understanding (1989) Bond of Destiny (1989) Stormy Surrender (1990) Passionate Enemy (1990) Curtain of Stars (1990) Perilous Refuge (1991) The Gift of Loving (1991) Forbidden Enchantment (1991) Jungle Enchantment (1991) Intangible Dream (1992) Out of Nowhere (1992) Dearest Traitor (1992) Walk Upon the Wind (1992) Dark Illusion (1992) Reckless Crusade (1992) A Healing Fire (1993) Passionate Captivity (1993) A Dangerous Magic (1993) Powerful Stranger (1993) Relentless Flame (1994) Edge of Danger (1994) Sense of Destiny (1994) Burden of Innocence (1994) Tender Deceit (1995) Never a Stranger (1995)

Coming Home (1996) An Innocent Charade (1996) Borrowed Wife (1996) Macbride's Daughter (1997) A Dark and Dangerous Man (1997) Black Velvet (1997) Courting Trouble (1997) A Darker Shadow (1998) To the Lake City (1999) Fire Storm (2001) Crescendo (2001) West of the Moon (2002) His Unexpected Proposal (2002) Under Surveillance (2004) [edit]

Postcards from Europe Series multi-author

Dark Sunlight (1993) Robyn Donald Bride at Whangatapu (1977)[4] Dilemma in Paradise (1978) Summer at Awakopu (1978) Shadow of the Past (1979) Wife in Exchange (1979) Iceberg (1980) Bay of Stars (1980) Interloper (1981) Dark Abyss (1981) Old Passion (1982) Mansion for My Love (1982) Gates of Rangitatau (1983) Return to Yesterday (1983) Guarded Heart (1983) Durable Line (1984) aka Durable Fire An Unbreakable Bond (1986) Willing Surrender (1986) Country of the Heart (1987) Late Loving (1987) Smoke in the Wind (1987) The Sweetest Trap (1988) A Matter of Will (1989) A Summer Storm (1990) No Guarantees (1990)

The Darker Side of Paradise (1990) No Place Too Far (1990) Some Kind of Madness (1991) Storm Over Paradise (1991) Once Bitten, Twice Shy (1992) Island Enchantment (1993) Element of Risk (1994) Tiger, Tiger (1997) A Forbidden Desire (1997) Forbidden Pleasure (1998) The Paternity Affair (1999) A Reluctant Mistress (1999) Sanchia's Secret (2000) The Devil's Bargain (2001) Wolfe's Temptress (2002) One Night at Parenga (2002) A Spanish Vengeance (2003) By Royal Command (2004) Virgin Bought and Paid for (2007) The Rich Man's Blackmailed Mistress (2009) Rich, Ruthless and Secretly Royal (2009) The Virgin and His Majesty (2009) [edit]

Hollingworth Series
1.Long Journey Back (1986) 2.Captives of the Past (1986) [edit]

Love's Reward Series

1.Love's Reward (1989) 2.A Bitter Homecoming (1989) 3.Some Kind of Madness (1991) [edit]

Pagan Surrender
1.Pagan Surrender (1993) 2.Paradise Lost (1993) [edit]

Dacre Series
1.Tiger Eyes (1994) 2.Surrender to Seduction (1998) [edit]

The Marriage Maker Series

1.The Mirror Bride (1996) 2.Meant to Marry (1996) 3.The Final Proposal (1996) [edit]

Royal Weddings Series

1.The Prince's Pleasure (2002) 2.His Pregnant Princess (2004) 3.By Royal Demand (2006) [edit]

The Royal House of Illyria

1.By Royal Demand (2006) 2.The Rich Man's Royal Mistress (2006) 3.The Prince's Convenient Bride (2007) [edit]

The Meditteranean Princes

1.His Majesty's Mistress (2008) 2.The Mediterranean Prince's captive virgin (2008) [edit]

A Year Down Under Series Multi-Author

The Stone Princess (1991) The Golden Mask (1992) Such Dark Magic (1993) [edit]

Too Hot to Handle Series Multi-Author

Dark Fire (1994) [edit]

Secrets Series Multi-Author

The Colour of Midnight (1994) [edit]

Dangerous Liaisons Series Multi-Author

Prince of Lies (1995) [edit]

Bride's Bay Resort Series Multi-Author

2. Indiscretions (1995) [edit]

Nanny Wanted! Series Multi-Author

The Nanny Affair (1998) [edit]

Passion Series Multi-Author

Forgotten Sins (2001) A Ruthless Passion (2001) [edit]

Foreign Affairs Multi-Author

Pacific Passions (omnibus) (2002) (with Anne Mather) The Temptress of Tarika Bay (2003) [edit]

By Royal Command Multi-Author

The Prince's Pleasure (2002) The Royal Baby Bargain (2005) [edit]

Mistresses Who Marry Series Multi-Author

The Millionaire's Virgin Mistress (2003) [edit]

His Virgin Mistress Series Multi-Author

The Billionaire's Passion (2004) aka Ruthless Billionaire, Inexperienced Mistress [edit]

Bedded By Blackmail Series Multi-Author

The Blackmail Bargain (200mi5) [edit]

The Royal House Of Niroli Series Multi-Author

The Prince's Forbidden Virgin (2007) [edit]

Royal and Ruthless Series Multi-Author

Innocent Mistress, Royal Wife (2008) [edit]

Best of Robyn Donald: Summer at Awakopu, Wife in Exchange (1984) Daddy's Home (1997) Mirror Bride / Meant to Marry (2005) [edit]

Omnibus In collaboration
Captive Hearts (1998) (with Lynne Graham and Charlotte Lamb) His Secret Baby (2004) (with Miranda Lee and Kate Walker) The Tycoon's Love Child (2005) (with Jacqueline Baird and Anne Mather) Dark Seductions (2005) (with Sara Craven and Anne Mather) Royal Proposals (2006) (with Marion Lennox and Barbara McMahon)