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CANADIAN STEREOTYPES - Molson Canadian - The Rant(with English subtitle) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTixyF_luuY The Rant is a famous Canadian beer commercial where Joe answers all the stereotypes Americans have about Canadians. Question: What is a stereotype? Example: All Japanese people wear kimonos, are descendants of samurai, and are good at math. 1 What jobs do Americans think Canadians do? A __________________ B __________________ 2 What type of lifestyle (house, food, etc) do Americans think Canadians have? A __________________ B __________________ C __________________ 3 What do Americans ask Canadians? 4 What is the leader of Canada called? How about the US leader? 5 What languages do Canadians speak? What language dont they speak? (Bonus: Who thinks they speak this last language?) 6 List the ideological differences between Canada and the US: Canadians Call it peace keeping Promote Assimilation 7 What special Canadians words did you hear for the following? Hat = _________ Couch = _________ Z (zee) = _________ 8 What is Canada number 2 in the world? 9 What is Canada number 1 in the world? 10 What is one stereotype that other peoples hold about Japan? Do Japanese hold any about other countries? Americans Sew nothing on backpacks