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Foot Operated Can Crusher Advantages Suitable for both steel and aluminum cans Reduces cans by up to 85%

o 85% Slip and non marking feet Sturdy all metal construction Suitable for cans up to 500ml

Disadvantages No hopper No have container to storage the crushed cans Need more time to crush many cans

Can Crusher Bin Single Pack

Advantages Crushes and self-ejects standard aluminum cans Stores more than 400 cans and conveniently fits into small spaces Hand operated crusher allows you to crush can with easy Disadvantages No hopper Need more time to crush many cans Heavy High force need to operate

Easy Pull Can Crusher and Storage System Advantages Can crush aluminum can Easy to operate Convenient removable space saving Collection Bin that holds 48 cans Along with child safety stops Clean, safe, easy to operate, and attractive Disadvantages Not portable Not have hopper