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Idiomatic Expressions

1. Head In The Clouds Meaning: - Be a daydreamer. -Pertains to unrealistic thoughts and ideas. Sentence: Johns head is in the clouds again. Hes talking about winning the lottery. 2. Read Between The Lines Meaning:- Understand something that is implied. -Comprehend the true feeling or intentions of someone. Sentence: Reading between the lines, Id say that Martin isnt very happy with the situation. 3. Bag of Bones Meaning: Refers to someone who is extremely thin. Sentence: Someone help her out of her depression, she has turned into a bag of bones. 4. (Make) your blood run cold Meaning: To be very frightened Sentence: The thought of the damage such a bomb could do make my blood run cold. 5. Pay The Piper Meaning: You need to face the consequence of your actions. Sentence: After making a grave mistake, she had to pay the piper. 6. Tap Dance Meaning: Implies that you get out of trouble in a clever way. Sentence: He tap dance his way out of trouble after putting the blame on his friend. 7. Sweat Bullets Meaning: To be worried or frightened. Sentence: He was sweating bullets by the time the police had finished questioning him. 8. Paddle (your) Own Canoe Meaning: People who do things for themselves without outside help. Sentence: We hoped that after he left college, hed paddle his own canoe. 9. Stay Off Your Feet Meaning: Get rest Sentence: A sprained ankle takes a long time to heal. You may have to stay off your feet for a week or so. 10. To Hold The Purse String Meaning: To control of finance. Sentence: Nowadays good prices are rising young people are not spending wisely and live from hand to mouth. They should be taught to hold their purse string before it is too late.

11. Have Ones Heart In Ones Mouth Meaning: To be scared Sentence: Tadashi had his heart in his mouth as the wave swept over him and flung against the tree. 12. Take The Wind Out Of (someones) Sails Meaning: To take an advantage away from someone Sentence: I was about to tell my father about having a surprise celebration for my mother when my sister took the wind out of my sails and blurted it out.