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Name____________________________________ Date GREEK 1

Midterm Exams I. Choose the best answer for two (2) points each. 1. A breathing mark which is indicated by this mark () and has no h sound. a. rough c. grave b. smooth 2. It is an accent mark, which is pronounced with a rising of voice. a. acute c. circumflex b. liquid 3. It is a breathing mark, which is indicated by this mark () and calls for an h-sound. a. mute c. palatal b. rough 4. It is an accent mark, which is indicated by a falling inflection on final syllables in certain constructions. a. rough c. grave b. labial 5. It is an accent mark, which is indicated by a combination of the rising and falling inflections. a. liquid c. circumflex b. dental II. Translate the following underlined English words taken from John 1:1-7 into Greek for two (2) points each. Write down your answer above the underlined words. 1.1 In was 1.2 1.3 He was All without 1.4 1.5 In And did 1.6 1.7 There This the III. Him the not was man light, things Him was light life shines the with in beginning God the were nothing , and in was and the the Word, Word was with through that the and God. Him, and made. of men. and God. the Word


Score ____________

beginning made was made the the it. sent from life was

was light the



comprehend a came that man for a

God, to

whose bear

name witness of



witness, him might

all through


Write out the following English phrases into Greek, applying the case system, for 10 points each. Ex. The Word s 1. 2. 3. 4. of the Lord of the was was was witness gave lords with to the God gave to the the world. gods of the worlds.

The words

And the Word In And the beginning the life apostles

the God. and of the the Word men. about the Lord. was with the God.

the Word the light

5. The

to the world

(You may write your answers at the back of this paper. God bless)