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AVENE PAN GUIDEXLOSTHEVEMPIRE} Design and Writing: Anthony Ragan Additional Material: Kare Flack, Chris Pramas, Rick Priestley Tl Met in Bogenhafen Writing and Design: Chris Pramas and Robert J. Schwalb Original Bégenhafen Design: Jim Bambra, Graeme Davis, Phil Gallagher Development: Chris Pramas Editing: Evan Sass Art Direction: Kate Flack Graphic Design & Additional Art Direction: Hal Mangold Cover Art: Mark Gibbons & Kinrade WERP Logo: Darius Hinks Imerior Art: Lee Carter, Liz Danforth, John Grauato, David Griffith, Jon Hodgson, Marius Hollsener, Karl Kopinski, Kenson Low, Britt Martin, Erie Polak, Rick Sardinha, Dan Scott, Adrian Smith and Dan Wheaton Cartography: Dave Andrews, Shawn Brown, and Nuala Kinrade WERP Development Manager: Kate Flack Project Manager: Ewan Lamont Head of Black Industries: Simon Butler ‘Special Thanks: Christin Duan and Mark Ralphs, for at sssistance above and beyond the cll of duty Alack Industries Publication First published in 2005 by Black Industries, nvof BL Publishing BL Publishing Games Workshop, Led Willoe Road Nottingham NG7 2 UK 'No pare ofthis publication may be reproduced, stored ina retrieval stem, or tanamited in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior pemission ofthe publishes (© Copyright Games Woukshop Limited 2005, All Rights Reserved. Games Workshop, dhe Games Workshop logo, ‘Wathammer, Warhammes Fantasy Roleplay, dhe Washammes Fantayy Roleplay logo, Black Industries, che Black Industries logo, and all associated races and race insignia, marks, names, characters, illastrations and images from the Washammet Uunivese are either @, TM, andlor © Games Workshop ‘Led 2000-2005, vviahly epetered in the UK and other ‘ountrcs around the-world.Alluighs reserved. Green Ronin and the Green Ronin Jogo are “Trademarks of Green Roni Publishing and are sed with permission, Product Code: 60040283008 ISBN 10: 1-84416-265-6 ISBN 13:978-1-54416-265-9, Black Industries Woeld Wide Web site: srvacblackindusries com Games Workshop Woeld Wide Web site: Green Ronin World Wide Web sit: ‘yw greentonin com The Land 68 The Bel cmemneeeemmr 9 Significant Places =70 Example Ostermarke? mewn 72 Adventure Hooks. Osilend Cours oF tue Erne Enpire Folk and Their Gods. ‘The Role of Superstition ann33 Imperial Cults... Yee eee Significant Places Example Reiklander... The Cob of Sia fon and The cond Mien Daina ona Collapse The Ret of Dresden The Persecution of the Dwarfs 15 Significans Places The People. mmm Example Tolabeclandersn-——92 Significant Places. m4 Adventure Hooks Example Averlandetmm—a-—47 is ‘Adventure Hecks.. Hochland The People. The Invasion of Archaon. Signifiean Places ——————-51 The End of Hixon? The Sef Example Hochlander... {he Empire 19 ‘Adventure Hooks. A Timeline of The Empire sso 30 ee ‘Cuarren III: GovERNMENT ‘Daing The Cale & FOREIGN RELATIONS. A Atul Phe Drinker Running An Empire Sea Using The Cult The Empere eee = (Cuarrex VI: ILL MEr IN BOGENHAFEN... 102 Example Mootlander. “Adventure Hooks. Cuarren IV: Law, “Justice & CRIMINALS seone 27 sine and Gini Travelling Judges ample : awe ees se ae NZ. PROVINCIAL FEATURES nn. 125 INDEX ..