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SSC01: Rizals Life, Works & Writings Chapter 10

First Homecoming, 1887-88

Introduction to Chapter 10
Rizal stayed for 5 years in Europe He remained at the heart a true Filipino Returned to PH in August 1887 Practised medicine in Calamba Noli was resented by his enemies

Decision to return home

Rizal was warned not to return to PH after publication of Noli Rizals reasons for returning:
Operate on his mothers eyes
Serve his people oppressed by the Spaniards To find out how Noli affected the Filipinos & Spaniards in PH Inquire why Leonor Rivera remained silent

Blumentritt to Rizal - live in Madrid & continue to write from there

Delightful Trip to Manila

Marseilles a French port that Rizal rode from Rome Djemnah Haiphong
Played chess
Rizal as an interpreter Djemnah = Orient via Suez Canal Aden = Saigon Haiphong Manila

Rizal found Manila the same as he left it

Happy Homecoming
Rizal: welcomed affectionately; also worried about his safety
Paciano did not leave him on his first day of arrival Don Francisco did not let him go out alone

He established a medical clinic in Calamba

First patient - Dona Teodora (his mother)
Operated eyes; could not perform surgery because her eye cataracts were not ripe

called Doctor Uliman he came from Germany P900 P5000 medical fees

Happy Homecoming (cont.)

Rizal opened a gymnasium & introduced European sports
Fencing and shooting discourage cockfights & gambling

Rizals one failure (6 months Calamba) unable to see Leonor Rivera

Tried to go to Dagupan

Leonors parents forbade him to go son-in-law

Custom Marriage arranged by parents of both bride & groom

Storm over Noli

His enemies plotted his doom Translated German poems of Von Wildernath to Tagalog

Governor General Emilio Terrero requested Rizal to the Malacanan Palace

Noli subversive ideas Rizal denied the charges against him exposed the truth; did not advocate subversive ideas

Storm over Noli (cont.)

Asked the Jesuits for the copy he sent no Fathers: Francisco de Paula Sanches, Jose Bech & Federico Faura glad to see him
Noli speaks the truth; you may lose your head for it

Governor General Terrero liberal-minded spaniard

Assigned Spanish Lieutenant Don Jose Taviel de Andrade as bodyguard of Rizal
Cultured and knew painting Could speak English, French & Spanish

Storm over Noli (cont.)

Governor General Terrero found nothing wrong with Noli Msgr. Pedro Payo (Dominican Archbishop of Manila) sent a copy of Noli to Father Rector Gregorio Echavarria (UST) for examination by the faculty
Noli heretic, impious & scandalous in the religious order; anti-patriotic, subversive of public order, injurious to the government of Spain & its functions in the PH islands in the political order Governor General Terrero dissatisfied w/ the report Dominicans were prejudiced against Rizal

Storm over Noli (cont.)

Permanent Commission of Censorship composed of priests and laymen
Fr. Salvador Font (Agustinian cura of Tondo) head of the Commission
Noli subversive ideas against the church & spain Importation, reproduction and circulation of the pernicious book in the islands be prohibited Banning of Noli only made it popular

No one was arrested or executed thanks to Governor General Terrero

Refused to be intimidated by the friars

Attackers of the Noli

Father Jose Rodriguez (Prior of Guadalupe) published a series of eight pamphlets (Cuestiones de Sumo Interes Questions of Extreme interest)
To blast Noli & other anti-spanish writings

Sold daily in churches after mass Filipinos were forced to buy

Storm over Noli reached SpainGeneral Jose Salamanca, General Luis M. de Pando & Sr. Fernando Vida
Vicente Barrantes (Spanish academician of Madrid) criticized Noli La Espana Moderna (Spanish newspaper of Madrid)

Defenders of the Noli

Marcelo H. del Pilar, Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor, Graciano Lopez Jaena, Mariano Ponce & other Filipino reformists upholded the truths of Noli Fr. Sanchez (Rizals favorite teacher at the Ateneo) defended and praised the Noli to the public Don Segismundo Moret (former Ministry of the Crown), Dr. Miguel Morayta (historian & statesman) & Professor Blumentritt (scholar & educator) read and liked the novel

Defenders of the Noli (cont.)

Rev. Vicente Garcia Justo Desiderio Magalang wrote a defense of the Noli w/c was published in Singapore as an appendix to a pamphlet
Rizal as a graduate of Spanish universities; recipient of scholastic honors Attacked the Spanish officials; not Spain Mortal Sin?

Rizal defended Noli against Barrantes ignorance of PH affairs and mental dishonesty unworthy of an academician Rizal as his master in satire and polemics Fernando Canon (Geneva) Noli from five pesetas (one peso) to fifty pesos per copy

Rizal and Taviel de Andrade

Friendship between Lt. Jose Taviel de Andrade & Rizal Enjoyed fencing, shooting, hunting and painting Lt. Andrade of Rizal .refined, educated and gentlemanly Mt. Maliking rumors
Hoisting of German flag on top of the mountain & proclaimed sovereignty over PH
Friars of Calamba

What marred Rizals happy days in Calamba w/ Lt. Andrade

Death of Olimpia Tales that he was a German spy, agent of Bismarck, a protestant, a mason, a witch, a soul beyond salvation, etc.

Calambas Agrarian Trouble

Governor General Terrero influenced by facts from Noli, ordered the investigation of the friar estates (land taxes w/ tenant relations) Rizals findings of the Friar Estate w/ the tenants signatures w/ three officials of the Calamba Hacienda
Haciendas towns
Increase of rentals increased profits of the Dominican Friars No contributions from the hacienda owner

Education of children
Improvement of agriculture

Tenants (cleaning) dispossessed of lands for flimsy reasons High rates of interests delayed payments ----confiscation of carabaos, tools and homes

Farewell to Calamba
Friars exerted pressure on the Malacanan Palace to eliminate Rizal
Asked Governor General Terrero to deport Rizal; no valid charges in court

Anonymous death threats received by Rizals parents ---advised Rizal to go away (parents, relatives & friends incl. Lt. Taviel) Governor General Terrero summoned Rizal and advised him to leave PH for his own good. Rizal was given a chance to escape

Reasons for compelled decision to leave

His presence jeopardizes the safety and happiness of his family & friends He could fight better his enemies & serve his countrys cause w/greater efficacy by wrtiting in foreign countries

A Poem for Lipa

Poem as commemoration - Calambas elevation from a town to a villa (city) Becarra Law of 1888
Himno Al Trabajo (Hymn to Labor)