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Adjustment of the shift cable

I. Twist the shifter to gear 2.

2. On the boll crank, check that the red line cm the push .od is aliqned with
the end of the axle.

3. If the red line is not visible, then (heck if the yellow marking is between
4 For adjustment, release the cable lock nut.
the two white lines If this Is not the case, ihe shift coble will have to be
re -adjusted.

5. By turning the cable adjustment boll, the setting car be chan ged.
6. To re-check the adjustment, set the shifter to near I

1. Neil, set the shifter to gear 2 again.

8. Then, re-check the adjustment on the bell crank as described above.
If the adjustment is still not correct, repeat the adjustment procedure.
Once the adjustment is correct, lighten the lock nuL on the cable adjust
ment bolt.
Tightening torque: 1 - 2 Nm