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Greek originals Polytonic orthography , , . , , , , !

[1] English Translations

Literal I recognize you from the dreadful edge of the sword I recognize you from the countenance which surveys the earth with force Risen from the sacred bones of the Greeks and, valiant as before, hail, oh hail, liberty!

Monotonic orthography , . , , , , ![1]

Transliteration Se gnorzo ap tin kpsi tu spathi tin tromer, se gnorzo ap tin psi, pu me va metri ti yi. Ap' ta kkkala vgalmni ton Ellnon ta ier, ke san prta andhriomni, khre, o khre, Eleftheri![1]

Poetic I shall always recognize you by the dreadful sword you hold, as the earth, with searching vision, you survey with spirit bold. 'Twas the Greeks of old whose dying brought to birth our spirit free, now, with ancient valour rising, let us hail you, oh liberty!

By Rudyard Kipling (1918) We knew thee of old, O, divinely restored By the lights of thine eyes, And the light of thy Sword. From the graves of our slain, Shall thy valour prevail, As we greet thee again, Hail, Liberty! Hail!