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Unlocking Infinite more playful and creative

Possibilities through approaches to life as adults.

Uninterrupted Play
Helen Limcaoco, CEO of Just
Children today are experienc- For Kids, Inc. and franchise
ing a world of infinite owner and manager of The
possibilities. Thanks to a Little Gym, an International
growing number of mothers fitness and development
who now encourage center for children, firmly
uninterrupted play. These believes in the importance of
moms are more open-minded active play. “By adopting a
and rely on friendship, trust parenting style that considers
and reason as the foundation the childrenʼs integrated
for a lasting relationship with needs at a very young age,
their kids. we will be able to create a
generation of eager lifelong
This was validated by learners who will be better
“Motherhood Today,” a global students than ourselves, and
research study initiated by better educators than our
Huggies®, a Kimberly-Clark generation,” Limcaoco said.
child care brand. The study
noted that many of todayʼs She also noted that “an active
mothers take on a more lifestyle enhances brain
active role as educators and development at any age.
playmates of their children. Exercise, sports, dance or
These moms believe that the any other activity that
key to unlocking their childʼs encourages movement are
potential is an enjoyable and great at keeping the brain
experience-filled childhood. active and engaged.ʼ

Furthermore, the Huggies®

study recognizes the value of
uninterrupted play in a childʼs
social, physical and mental
development. More
importantly, it allows for
continuous bonding and
learning between mom and
baby. Children who have
learnt how to play, will have