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What are some awesome cmd tricks?

'' Net statistics server'' to find the uptime of the system. Run multiple command together using "&&" hostname && ipconfig View past commands doskey /history Send the command output to a file using ">" ipconfig /all > c:\file.txt Copy text Right click select Mark, then select the text u need to copy and press Enter Send command output directly to clipboard using "clip" ipconfig | clip Pastes the last executed command using "F3" and many other Function key uses. F1: Pastes the last executed command (character by character) F2: Pastes the last executed command (up to the entered character) F3: Pastes the last executed command F4: Deletes current prompt text up to the entered character F5: Pastes recently executed commands (does not cycle) F6: Pastes ^Z to the prompt F7: Displays a selectable list of previously executed commands F8: Pastes recently executed commands (cycles) F9: Asks for the number of the command from the F7 list to paste Shutdown any PC on your network you have access to. shutdown.exe -i Watch ASCII version of Start Wars towel.blinkenlights.nl 1)Watch ASCII version of the Star Wars Episode IV movie open cmd and type the following command 1)telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl

Telnet is turned off by default in the latest versions of Windows.You must first enable telnet by going to Control Panel Programs Turn Windows Feature On or Off and ticking both the telnet check boxes 2) ipconfig/ all Know your IP address, DNS Server's address etc. 3)Shutdown Your Computer shutdown -s

4)Shutdown remote computer

shutdown -s -m \\name of the computer to view name of the computer type the command "net view"

(additional tricks)

1)Open your browser and visit or depending on your router. 2) Find the tab that mentions Attached Devices or something similar. 3) Find the computer name, IP address and MAC Address (sometimes called Physical Address or Hardware Address) of your computer using the previous trick. 4 )Compare it with those displayed by your router in Step 2. If you notice some strange devices, then your neighbour has been sneaking in on your internet connection and it is best to set a password.