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Research objectives To find out at which all points on the digital journey can consumers be reached by personal care

e brands To understand where are the consumers on digital journey an how brands are reaching them To find out consumer behavior towards the brands trying to reach them online, specially personal care brands To find how effectively various Social media Tools can be used by marketers To analyse the effective communication strategy through social networking sites To study the effectiveness of brand communication through social networking sites from its users and communicators To find out the effectiveness of social media in terms of achieving various target business objectives, such as increasing brand or product awareness and increasing sales revenue To find out innovative and effective strategies which can be followed by personal care brands to reach out consumers in better way through social media platform on digital front

Approach to the problem: To understand the problem in a better way, to find out where we can find consumer and how we can make them to follow our brands, we would do an extensive secondary research. Through this we would try to understand consumers and their behavior towards personal care brands on digital front also ways to tackle the issues which could not be done by print and tv marketing. After understanding the problem we would carry out primary research. With all data analysis and results, we would try to suggest few innovative strategies which could be followed by personal care brands on digital platform.