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COURSE OVERVIEW This English IV course is geared to promote college and/or career readiness in students.

In this course students are expected to utilize best practices and skills while always displaying their best effort. This course is both reading and writing intensive. Students compose written assignments to complete mastery skills effective grammar and mechanics excellence in addition to proficient practice of Standard American English necessary to become effective writers at the collegiate level and in career-based settings. The reading assignments in this course enhance the students language arts abilities providing essential fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills that will mandatory for progression at the college- and career-readiness levels. Literary works from British literature spanning the 16th through the 20th century are the predominant texts of this course. However, the course occasionally examines works from ancient world literature and modern world literature. Furthermore, a marginal exploration of American literature is incorporated into this course. A trivial inspection of modern day texts serves as part of this course for review and relationship to authentication. This course is a survey of multiple genres novel, prose, drama, and poetry. The writing for this course combines textual interpretation, creative writing, and compositions aimed at college- and career-readiness. Students compile essays of varying demands, poetry, and one research paper. The writing elements of this course enable students to not only compose more productively but evaluate, revise, and edit effectively to become proficient users of Standard American English in their writing skills. INSTRUCTIONAL METHODOLOGY

Students learn in this course through discussion, not lecture, reading, writing, collaborative and cooperative groups, and peer and teacher feedback. Assignments instructions are explicit, delivered in the classroom, and posted on the class website if the assignment excesses in-class time. The teacher provides the students one-on-one interaction and support as needed while allowing students to exercise their right to independent learning. COURSE OUTCOMES: Upon completion of this course, students will possess the ability to adequately exercise the following tasks: Analyze, synthesize, and interpret texts of varying genres Compose college essays and applications Complete a resume and/or application for employment Compile assorted texts essays (informative, argumentative, persuasive, etc.), poetry, and prose effectively with proficiency in grammar and mechanics skills while exercising Standard American English Be able to effectually use a class website to submit, discuss, and access course work MATERIALS NEEDED: 2 binder College Ruled Paper Tab Dividers Pens and Pencils Flash Drive (optional but recommended) Other materials may be required as the course progresses; however, students will be given adequate time to retrieve such items.

LITERARY WORKS Students will read two novels Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad in this course. Presently, hard copies are not available for the use of all students. Either purchase a personal copy or access a free online copy. The class website provides links to downloaded and online versions of each of the two texts that students will read. The sixth course of Elements of Literature:Literature of Britain with World Classics contains the majority of other works that students will read throughout this course. Each student is issued a personal copy of the aforementioned textbook. MAJOR WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT: Students compose a literature review during the second semester of this course that serves as the mandatory research paper. The topics for the literature review are teacher suggested or approved. More information concerning this assignment is provided closer to the time of preparation. ASSIGNMENT CONTINUUM Poetry Pondering (poetry responses) are at least biweekly. The teacher provides students with 3-5 poems to analyze. Each student will choose one poem to provide a response about in a one page double-spaced submission via the class website. The due dates for poetry responses are posted on the website and in the classroom. The class blog is discussion conducted in extension of the class on the class website. The teacher designates at least one work each week that every student posts a response to. In turn, two other students must reply to the original response. These are due weekly by the date posted on the class website and in the classroom.

Writers workshops are cooperative and collaborative means of revision for most every written assignment for this course. Students evaluate peer papers and offer feedback of such. The teacher provides individual instruction for the various workshops that take place throughout the course. Vocabulary enrichment comes in many forms. It may be displayed in the writers workshops, through individual assignment written, oral, or visual or in groups. Students receive a vocabulary quiz throughout the course based on that which is covered in the vocabulary enrichment process. Grammar and mechanics extension incurs throughout the course and is typically done as bell-ringers. Grades are recorded for completion of such. Occasionally quizzes that cover a broad spectrum of presented material is given. I look forward to a wonderful year in this English IV course. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me as necessary.