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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Event Location:
Bethesda North Marriott 5701 Marinelli Rd., Bethesda, MD 20852

Event Attendees: Greater Capital Area Association of REALTORS members, est

attendance 500

MRIS Staff:
CAMS Marketin g XactSite Tech Neal Dessie, Nichole, Cassie Darren Javier

Attire: MRIS will wear Purple /Blue MRIS polos w/ black pants and shoes; XactSite will wear
orange polo with Khakis.

Setup - 9:00 AM 11:00 AM Exhibit Hours - 11:00 AM 5:30 PM o 4:00 PM 5:15 PM Giveaways Announced Tear Down - 5:30 PM

Gold Sponsor Logo on Program cover and 2 full page ads Link on REALTORFest page on GCAARs website Logo on Signage throughout the day 8x16 booth space Company Signage in hallway Two handouts in REALTORFest canvas bag One page ad in Capital Area Realtor newspaper Mention on all promotional materials 6 exhibitor passes

Exhibit Focus: We will promote XactSite and Authentisign!
Grill Out While Your Website Works for You! Fire Up More Contracts with Authentisign!

All booth visitors will be encouraged to speak with Neal about Authentisign and get the XactSite Grillin picture taken with their choice of background. While they wait for their picture to be

taken, Darren can speak to them about XactSite and encourage their attendance to our Presentation the end of July. Every attendee will have a handout in their bags for Authentisign, promoting the onsite special rate of $55, and XactSite, promoting the post show presentation on July 30th.

Drive 5 onsite and post show XactSite sales.

Tactics for Accomplishing

Onsite sales will receive a special of two months free! Participation in the Photo Booth will enter them for the MRIS Picnic Basket door prize. Participants will receive their picture to clip on their lanyard and a bottle of MRIS BBQ sauce. Handout the 7 step flyers to anyone who visits the Authentisign table of the booth. All agents who visit will be eligible for the special show rate of $55 for the first year.

Measurement Technique
Pictures will be saved to the desktop under the MRIS ID number of agents & those numbers will be added to SF campaign. Post show email will invite attendees to the presentation and/or encourage them to contact Darren directly. All customer IDs will be collected and included in the SF campaign for Authentisign. Post show email will promote registration with the onsite special for a limited time.

Get 5% of XactSite booth visitors to attend the July 30th XactSite Presentation at MRIS.

Drive 5 onsite and post show Authentisign sales.

MRIS Pre-Show Promotion


1 email campaign targeted to all GCAAR members Sent 7/2 48 clicks! Matrix News Post Published 7/10

MRIS On-Site Promotion

XactSite Grill Out While Your Website Works for You! back cover full page ad Fire up more contracts with Authentisign full page ad MRIS Authentisign flyer in Registration bags XactSite Booth/Presentation flyer in Registration Bags XactSite/Authentisign Grill BBQ Sauce giveaways XactSite Banner XactSite Brochures XactSite Grillin picture Autentisign 7 Steps Flyer

MRIS Post-Show Promotion

Dessie will send out a follow-up email for those who showed interest in XactSite. We will encourage attendance to the XactSite presentation on July 30 th to learn more about the product. - Targeted 7/24 Dessie will send a follow-up email to all those who showed interest in Authentisign, encouraging them to register for the onsite special within 2 weeks. Targeted 7/24 Darren will follow-up with interested parties for XactSite office presentations within 1 week of the show closing Neal will follow-up with interested parties for office meetings within 1 week of the show closing

Booth Supplies:
Electronics: (3) iPads Neal, Dessie, Darren (2) Event Laptops One with Image Magic Downloaded (1) 32 TV & HDMI Cable Extension cords & Powerstrips Branding: BBQ Sauce Giveaways qty 100 MRIS Sunscreen extra giveaways if we run out XactSite/MRIS Table Drape XactSite Handout 500 mailed, 100 brought Authentisign Handout 500 mailed, 100 brought XactSite XFrame Banner Authentisign XFrame Banner (for Hall?) MRIS Wine Kit delivered in advance MRIS Picnic Kit Photo Section: Green Screen & Hardware Digital Camera, Tripod, memory sticks Corkboard easel Background images Printer, photo paper, cartridges Plastic Photo Holders Photo Props Grill utensils, apron, hat