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TERM OVERVIEW: VA COMP is a year-long course with an emphasis on fundamental art skills. This course is designed to prepare the student for more advanced studies of art. As such, students should expect to gain technical skills about how to create solid compositions using the elements and principles of art. Additionally, students should expect to enhance their realism drawing skills and translate these skills to be able to manipulate other artistic styles such as symbolism, fundamentalism, functionalism, impressionism, expressionism, and surrealism. Georgia Performance Standards may be accessed through PICASSO at STANDARDS: GRADING POLICY: The Georgia Performance Standards for High School VA COMP are separated into five strands: 1. Meaning and Creative Thinking (Sketches and Design) 20% 2. Contextual Understanding (Art History Assignments) 10% 3. Assessment and Reflection (Portfolios and Art Critique) 15% 4. Connections (Connections to Subject Areas, Life Skills, Careers) 5% 5. Production (Art Production Assignments) 50% SUPPLIES: Students are responsible for bringing their altered book (provided) or optional sketchbook (Suggested size around 9X11) to class every day as well as their Agenda. They will need a two pocket folder to hold loose items and can bring 5- #2 pencils (both for extra credit). CLASS EXPECTATIONS: Students are expected to arrive to Art Class on-time and ready to learn. VA COMP is a year-long class for which students can earn high school credit; it is an intense and fast-paced class. Students are expected to stay on-task and participate in collaborative activities when asked. Students are asked to follow all of the rules below: Be Respectful! Treat others as you would like to be treated. Participate in the class community by doing your work, helping others, treating materials with respect, and cleaning up all messes (not just yours). No talking when Mrs. Wilbur addresses the class. Stay seated unless directed otherwise. The consequences of breaking the rules are as follows: Strike 1, Warning (Name on Board) Strike 2, Re-Focus Form and Silent Lunch Strike 3, Removal and Administrative referral

COMPONENTS FOR CREDIT: In order to receive high school credit for the completion of VA COMP, students must earn a favorable grade (A, B. or C). Students will earn that grade through the completion of teacherguided units which will result in the creation of the following, required, elements: Logged 60 minutes of out-side class drawing/art-making per week A weekly sketchbook/journal of ideas and concepts about art-making and production. The creation of a digital portfolio demonstrating the students end products. Participation and favorable completion (A, B, or C) of four Common Core performance tasks (two per semester). EXTRA SUPPORT/TUTORING: Depending on the pace at which each student works, some students may need extra time to complete assignments for some projects. With this in mind, morning studio/tutoring time will be from 8:15-8:45 most mornings. This time may also be logged as part of their outside class time. All work is expected to be turned in on time but when this is not the case a that work is subject to a decrease of 25%. Please check ParentVUE regularly to be aware of your students grades in this class starting Aug. 21. All upcoming assignments will be posted weekly on Edmodo. Progress reports will be sent home on the following dates: 9/13, 11/20, 2/26, 4/25. This syllabus is a guide and is subject to change to accommodate the class and the individual student needs.