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Chemistry I Honors Mrs.


2013-2014 Maize South High School

________This course is designed to provide an understanding of the major principles and concepts of chemistry. Topics will include: atomic structure chemical names and formulas bonding chemical reactions VSEPR theory periodicity nuclear chemistry mole concept and stoichiometry

The nature of Chemistry requires the student to know certain basic facts that MUST be committed to memory. Mathematics is an integral part of this class. Problem solving strategies will be stressed through-out the year and this course also requires the student be able to solve problems WITH and WITHOUT a calculator. This class is a Pre-AP level class. As such, students will learn skills that will prepare them for success in AP science classes. An integral part of this preparation will be the study of certain topics in depth and the interconnection of topics. The amount of homework will not necessarily be more than non-Pre-AP classes; however, it will be of a more advanced nature. Students will be doing questions from previous AP Chemistry exams.

Materials Needed:
_______The following materials are needed for this class. 1. 3 ring binder with paper 2. Scientific Calculator I will NOT loan calculators and they cannot be shared during quizzes and tests! 3. #2 pencils with erasers. 4. Willingness to ask questions and participate in class. 5. Alert and active human brain.

_______Your grade will be determined by the following method: Tests 50% Quizzes 20% Labs 20% Daily Work and Participation* 10%

_______ *Participation points will be awarded in the amount of 4 points per day. To retain these points, students must come to class prepared (notebook, book, pencil, CALCULATOR), participate in class discussions and when called upon, demonstrate appropriate behavior in the classroom and the laboratory setting. Use of or visibility of any CELL PHONE or MP3 player while in the classroom will result in the loss of all participation points for the day in addition to having the device confiscated and turned into the office. Within a grading period (term) there will be generally no more than four major tests. Quizzes should be expected regularly.

Course Expectations: _______

1. ALL students are expected to actively take notes during teacher presentation. Although a textbook will be given to students, much material will not be found in the book. It is important to pay attention in class and ask questions when you do not understand. Homework is due at the beginning of the class period. No late homework is accepted (unless with a mole dollar). Homework will be graded on correct problem solving methods and not strictly on the answer. NO WORK - NO CREDIT - NO KIDDING!!!


3. 4. 5.


All tests are closed book and notes. As Chemistry is a course that builds upon itself, tests are cumulative for the entire year. Students are expected to take notes, be attentive, and contribute to the class. Although extra credit is rarely given, students that honestly try and cooperate will always be given consideration when borderline grades occur. Labs are very serious and each student is expected to follow the Laboratory Safety policies. Failure to do so will result in the removal of the student from the lab area and alternative written work will be assigned for the remained of the semester for each laboratory investigation. Please see the sheet entitled Classroom Procedures for a list of the p rocedures and rules for my classroom.

Points to Ponder:
Please do not be afraid to make mistakes! If you were not supposed to make mistake, there would not be erasers on the pencils! I get paid to answer your questionsPLEASE make me earn my pay. Nothing works unless you do.

On the side of the room on the tan cabinet (the Mav chemist Assistance Center or MAC) there are baskets with block numbers on them. All of your graded work will be put into the appropriate basket. I do NOT hand back work if you want your work, you will have to get it. Get your work between classes, after or before school or during class time while working on homework problems not during lectures. If you want to use the restroom: 1. Cut a Mole Dollar from your sheet. 2. Walk over to the bathroom pass. 3. Hand the Mole Dollar to Mrs. Stockam. 4. When you return, place bathroom pass back where you found it. 5. This can be done at ANYTIME, and does not need to disturb the class i.e. this can be done without any conversation. If at anytime, you need to use Kleenex then get up and walk to the box and use it. Please dispose of your tissue. If you empty a box, PLEASE let me know so I can replace it. If your pencil breaks during lecture get up and sharpen it. I can talk loud enough that everyone can hear me. If you need to throw an item away dont at least while I am lecturing or going over problems. The time for you to throw away papers is when you are working on problems on your own. When in doubt ASK!!!!!!!!!! That is what I get paid for. Please do not be rude to me by putting your head down. Definition of Tomorrow THE NEXT DAY OF CLASS If you are absent, there should be a student absent form for you in the folder on the side of the room. This should contain a copy of the handouts for the day that you were absent. If someone is absent from your tablefill out the student absent form for them. Students who turn in papers with no name on them obviously feel that their work is not worth grading. Papers with no name on it will be placed in the recycle bin or thrown away. If you choose to use your Chemistry Homework coupon, fill out the information at the bottom of the coupon with the assignment information and turn it into the basket where papers normally go on the day the assignment is DUE. If you do not have an assignment, please fill out the Kill the Alibi form so you can get a grade of a twenty-five percent instead of a grade of a zero. On the side of the room, is the Mav chemist Assistance Center (MAC) where you will find the pencil sharpener, handouts, graph paper, Kill the Alibi forms, Absent Student Forms, etc. Please help yourself. Remember: NO WORK, NO CREDIT, NO KIDDING.

I, ________________________________________ verify that I have read the contents of the syllabus and (students name) the procedures for Mrs. Stockams chemistry classroom. Any questions I had have been clarified for me by Mrs. Stockam. Student Signature __________________________________________ Date ____________________________ I, ________________________________________ verify that both my MSHS student and I have read the (parent or guardians name) contents of the syllabus and the procedures for Mrs. Stockams chemistry classroom. Any ques tions we had have been clarified for us by Mrs. Stockam. Parent Signature __________________________________________ Date ____________________________