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Varasiddhi Vinayaka Vrata :

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Shree Gurubhyo Namaha PS: This is just a document to clear some normal doubts of common people. The idea is to guide and orient themselves more towards aachara, vichaara, sampradaaya and Bhakti and not to get carried away in this fast pace of life like eat outs, bringing food from outside, cassette poojas etc., as far as possible to save our own tradition and boost the self confidence of performing people. This document does not claim itself to be complete in all aspects. (I am a Smartha Mulakanaadu Brahmin so my details will be as per our paddathi. ) paddathi varies from region to region and particular sector of the caste also. Pl. consult elders for all these details..
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When is the time to do Vrata Bhadrapada Shukla Chouti. This time, chaturthi comes on 09-09-13 (Monday) chitta Nakshatra. So the Vratha falls on this date. Panchanga for this date- 09-09-2013
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What is the direction to sit for Pooja

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Sadhaka Facing East or North.

What is the direction to keep the Ganesha

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Towards East First choice or North- 2nd choice or any direction that means, actually there is no mistake in keeping god facing any direction. But some people say, if you want uttarottara Abhivriddhi (that means development in all fronts) then keep God in Uttara. If you want Moksha ..then East. Best thing is to follow as per elders say at Home. Do not get bothered on which direction the god should be facing. But do pooja with utmost devotion and concentration. But I feel, Keep God in such a direction, that some guest comes home, he is able to have god darshan. This gives a good feeling to the guest.

What are the options on types of Ganesha that can be kept for Pooja Rajatha (silver), Mrinmaya(Mud/clay)(more than 99% people fall in this category) or traditional Ganesha idol which is carried over by our ancestor
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Ganesh,(this idol will not be immersed as the same is used for next year and so -on.)
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What is the main Nivedya for Ganapathi a. Modaka (sihi kadabu or kari gadabu or oil/Ghee fried kadabu normally done with FriedGram kobbari(copra), sakkare(sugar),kaayi-kadabu (21 nos). You can also keep Maha Nivedya provided food is prepared at home (I mean not catering food). For Maha Nivedya use two Banana leaves with Agra.

Why is this Vrata called Varasiddhi Vinaayaka Vratha

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As per vrata kathe, this Vrata is followed by doing Ganesha pooja with imagination of Ganesha giving us all types of vara(our wishes(Varas)) what ever we ask(wish) for (Vara) the same will be fulfilled instantly that is why he is varasiddhi Vinaayaka. He is the one who fulfills any of our wishes..removes all obstacles (viGna nivaaraka)

How to decorate the Ganapathi

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Your own Imagination. There is no hard and fast rule for this. But follow safety while you are putting serial set lighting etc., use well insulated electrical stuff. But I would like to add that try to keep Ganesha in a Mantapa on a comfortable height. Astadala padma rangoli is important. Elders put special rangolis traditional rangolis pl. follow the same. Keep doorva Ganapathi also (that is Pillari ganapathi made of cow dung and doorva for pooja. First pooja for this pillari only.

What are the pooja Items required for Ganapathi Pooja

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Hoova (kanagale hoova, Arka Pushpa(yekkada hoova), shyamanthige, mallige, kaakada, sungandharaja, Rose) etc. , pancha Phala (5 type fruits 2nos. each) Hannu (chepekayi (Gauva Fruit), Mango, Moosambi, Sapota (cheeku), Apple etc., (pl. avoid papaya, watermelon, butter fruit). agarbatti, karpoora, viledele, adike, dakshine(Rs.2,5,10.coins), halagaarathi, deepagalu, panchapatre, uddharane, arghyapaatre, bidichaape, arishina, kumkuma, Chandra, Rakta Gandha (red sandal paste), akshate(red), gejjevastra (soaked in kumkuma), aarathi deepagalu, kaddi bathi(soaked in Ghee), hooobathi, garike, patregalu ( Garike, Bilwa, dawana, maruga etc.,), hoovina haaragalu, panchamrita (Cow milk, (hasihaalu Fresh with out boiling), Cow curds, Cow ghee, honey, sugar, coconut water all put in a

small cups and keep it in a plate separatly),yagnopaveeta (single), Banana (1 chippu) Nivedya items, etcc.,
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How may Yagnopaveeta (janivaara) should be kept for Ganesha single or Double.. a. In this vratha, Ganesha should be bestowed with single Yagnopaveetha. Pl. soak this in Kumkuma before offering to Ganesha. This is done because, in this vratha, we consider him as Brahmachaari. In General, Brahmachaari always wears single yagnopaveetha. Grihastaas are always with double yagnopaveetha.

What is color of gandha to be prepared for this Ganesha

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All pooja items should be red in color. That is rakta (red) vastra, Rakta Gandha, rakta Pushpa, raktaakshata (akshate in red), kanagale Hoova, Guava Fruit(Red)

How many yele gejje vasra should be kept for Ganesha

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21 yele Gejje vastra, which is soaked in Kumkuma.

What is Doorva Ganapathi

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Actually this vratha is called varasidhhi Vinaayaka Vratha. The Dharma sookshma is that even though this is Varasiddhi Vinayaka vratha, we should first prey Vigneswara(another form of Ganapathi) for nirvigna (without obstacles) performance of this Vrata. For this purpose, before the Vara Siddhi Vinayaka Vratha, we keep this Pillari Ganesha (made of Cow dung and Doorva) and do first pooja to DoorvaGanapathi.

What is the significance of Garike hullu(Doorva Yugma) on this day

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Ganapathi likes Garike Hullu (called Doorva in Sanskrit). He is Doorva bilva priya --- Also, Doorva is considered as one form of samith during any yagna types. Hence Doorva finds a place during ganapathi pooja. During the Vratha at the time of Mangalaarathi, please note that this doorva pooja will come. So, please preserve some of doorva for mangalarathi as well. The procedure is apply gandha for doorva. Give this doorva and akshate to the guests and keep some for yourself. Wait for purohitaru to chant the doorva pooja. And do doorva pooja for various naamas of Ganapathi

What is Ista Phala for Ganesha

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He is described as kapitha Jamboo Phala Saara bakshitam (that is .He is the one who eats the Jack fruit as a whole(saara bakshanam) he also likes Guava Fruit(RED)) that means he likes Jack fruit. However, people keep Balehannu(Banana), Daadimaa phala(Daalimbe) and other fruits Total 5 types.

What is Ista(means most Liking) Pupshpa for Ganesha

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He is known as Arka Pushpa Priya (arka priya ) yekkada Hoova, also Ganapathi likes kanagale hoova. Pl. note that you can use any puspa or phala for that matter. We are only talking about very special things that interests this god(Ganapathi)

What is Ista Nivedya for Ganesha

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He is known as Modaka Priya (that means Kadabu) this is normally made of kadale poppu (hurigadle/FriedGram) because, he is also known as chaNaka priya. That is why we make Kabul chenna/ normal chenna Usali for his Nivedya in the evening

What is Ista entertainment for Ganesha

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He is known as Naatya Priya. He like dance. That means, it includes Music as well. So that is the reason, Ganesha utsavas include cultural evenings, discourses etc.,

What kind of deepa you should light

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Grita deeapa (i.e., Deepa with Ghee made of cows Milk)

What are the types of Flowers you should bring for this Festival Kanagale Hoova, Arka Pushpa (yekkada hoova), Mallige, sampige, kamala, kanakaambara, jaaji, kaakada, bidi hooova, kattida hoova, patre galu, garike (two kattu) etc.,
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How should I decorate my house for this pooja

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With taliru toorana (mango leaves and flestones) and flowers, lights etc., Along with Jodi Bale Kandu.

What are the Patres you should bring for this festival

There are actually 11 types of patre which comes in Vratha. But not all are available in the market. Mainly do not forget doorva (garike), maachipatre, guava Fruit Patre, bilwa, davana, Maruga

What type of Ganesha is Shresta a. When it comes to the word shresta It is Gold or next choice is silver. We have do pooja and give away(daana) to a learned Brahmin. But most of our houses, that is not feasible. Now a days, we bring only Clay (mannina) Ganapathi. The Idol should be of Jedimannu (Clay) and Hatti (Cotton) only. (In earlier days, people use to go the nearest Kere (water body) and collect pure Jedimannu and mix it with Hatti and do Ganesha Themselves. That is one type of Bhakti) Normally avoid hollow Ganesha. If you are specific to the particular naama(Tripundra), look for that we bring ganesha with 3 Patte (Tripundra) (as we are mulakanadu smaartha Brahmins). It should not be Bhinna (no Physical damages/chip offs/cracks), (pooja for binna vigraha is prohibited).look for organic colors , water colors or with no colors (best) . Pl. avoid silver paint and other hazardous lead coated paintings etc., Pl. avoid plaster of paris Ganesha or Bombay Ganesha as these will not get dissolved in water and also these idols wont drown in water. It keeps floating and this is not a good omen during idol immersion .. Also look for sondilu landing point of Ganesha. It should be towards right and normally a kadabu/Modaka should be in the right hand of Ganesha last but not the least. He should be accompanied with IIli (Rat) at least, a picture of Rat should be visible ..Please co-operate according to BBMP guidelines while bringing and immersion of Ganesha.

What are the precautions I should take while shopping for Ganesha
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As above answered in question no. 21

What is the significance of Modaka on this day

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He is modaka priya. Keep 21 sweet kadabus for Nivedya. Kadabu can be hoornada kadabu, Kadale kadabu, kobrisakkare kadabu, etc., to be Ghee fried. Even AAvi kadabu is OK.

How long the Vrata pooja will take (on a normal course)
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45 Minutes. This is only for vrathapooja vidhaana as per the vratha book.

You can extend the same (pooja) as much as you want like doing rudraabhishekha, archane like sahasranaama, vedhagosha, astaavadhanna etc. Actually this question should not come up in your mind in the first place. Only bhakti prevails, which ultimately gives us Mukti (Liberation)
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Achamana, Sandhya Vandana, Nitya Pooja, Aachamana, Deeparadhane, Ghantanada, Doorva Ganapathi puja, Varasiddhi Vinayaka Prana Pratishta, ShodaShopachara Puja, panchamrita Abhisheka, Vastra, Yagno paveeta (Single), Gandha, Akshate, Arishina , Kumkuma, Chandra, Astotatara, Anga Pooja, pushpa Puja, Patra Pooja, Gakara Ganapathi sahasranama, Doopa Deepa, nivedya, Taambula, Dakshine, Mangalarathi, Poorna Phala, DoorvaYugma Pooje (Smear Gandha) Mantra pusphpa, Sashtanga Namaskara, Kathe, Nivedya, , pooja Aarathi, prasada Grahana

What is the Puja procedure you should follow while you keep Ganesha at Home

a. Nitya pooje two times a day Morning and Evening, Nivedya and aarathi 28. What all Items normally prepared for Ganesha Nivedya a. Sweet Kadabu Ghee Fried (either Kadale hittu/ Kobrisakkare/Hoornada kadabu)- 21 Nos. b. Chakkuli, Koduble, Rave Unde, Aambode, white yellu unde, tambittu c. Pancha kajjaya, "Ellu" (white sesame seeds) mixed with fried groundnuts, neatly cut dry coconut and fine cut bella (jaggery). The mixture is called "Ellu-Bella" ( ) d. 5 types of fruits, Viledele, adike, dakshine, Hannu Kaayi. e. For Maha Nivedya Anna, two types of kosambiri, 2 type of palya, gojju, Chitraanna, payasa tavve, Ghee with Curds, and boiled milk with sweets bakshya. One glass of water along with two deepas and rangoli (muggu) served on two banana leaves with Agra spread on Deva Mandala.
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What is the procedure for punah Pooja

. a

Do sodashopachaara pooja and break Poornaphala tenginakayi and do Nivedya and mangalarathi.

What is procedure for Ganesha Udvasane (devaraKadalisuvudu)

. a

After the punahpooja, do aaarathi and do uddvaasane with ghantaanada.

How many Coconuts you require for this Vratha

. a

Minimum 4. One for Nivedya, one for poornaphala, two for upaayanadana

How many Bananas you require for this pooja

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Minimum 6

Whether my Son /Daughter also can do pooja

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Yes. Anybody can do this pooja.

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a. Earlier Joint family system used to be there and there used to be single fire for cooking purpose. If you are following the same system, then, there is no vrata for the whole family members that year. Upakarma is there for male members. And Gowri Pooja is there for ladies.(Upakarma must for all males. Gowri puje is must for all ladies irrespective of 1st year of any death at home/family.) Ladies should visit other houses and do the pooja that year.Cant keep Kalasha at home. If you are separated due to property division/or job transfer etc., and if you have already started doing vrata separately, then you can keep Ganesha/Gowri that year as usual. The Festival will not be there only for the male siblings and this rule does not apply for cousins and first circle.,. No doubt in this. (pl. contact nvravi@hotmail.com) for any doubts.
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What is the role of my wife in this pooja

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She has to prepare gejje vastra of 21 yele for Ganapahi. Do pooja prepaerations, and be at the right side of Husband while doing pooja and assist in every possible way. And prepare kadabus and Nivedya for the pooja purpose. Do aarathi after pooja.

What is the mindset I should have while doing this pooja

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.Any person doing vratha should posses these qualities Kshama(pardon), Satya (truth), Daye(kind to others), Daana(Mindset to give away), Shuchitva(Cleanliness), Indriya Nigraha(control on your body and soul and Urges), Devathaarchane(house hold pooja of your family diety), havana, santhosha(you should be happy), achourya(opp. Of stealing). This is in general. At the time of pooja, the mind should be calm and concentrated towards the god only. Kanniru surisuvudu (crying) and sittu maduvudu(kopa) is totally prohibited.

37. How to keep these items for Nivedya. a. Make a Mandala take water in you hand sprinkle it on the floor with full of palm facing down..if you are facing east use your first three fingers put it on the ground start towards your left.complete to Make a square.. do not lift your hand make a diagonal to end mandala in north

east direction put akshate in all the four corners of the square and a little at the center. This is called mandala. If you are facing north use your first three fingers put it on the ground start upwards turn right.. complete the square. Do not lift the hand. Complete the diagonal with north east direction.. put akshate as told above if you are keeping hannu kayi keep it on a plate with taambula and dakshine and keep it at one corner of mandala keep fruits also along with it. All the flowers of the fruits should be looking up..avoid keeping papaya(papaya/watermelon/butter fruit/leechi etc., not allowed)....if you are keeping maha nivedya. Please use two banana leaves (some people use with only one banana leave.. this is wrong)..Banana leave should be with agra and place it in front of the god with agra facing as though god is eating. That means, if god is facing east, then agra should come to north(left hand side of god) . first put ghee on to the bale yele with help of flower (paatra abhigara). Then start serving in bale yele in the traditional way as we do .. with two kosambri, two palya one payasa.. one chitranna poppumaggige huli/Kuutu.. Obbattuetc., Lastly serve Anna Two timesnow in the end you should put tuppa (abhigaara).. Please note that tuppa has to be served in the last after every thing is over.. (that means you should not serve every thing in the plate and put tuppa in the kitchen and bring it keep it in front of god).. all the items like. payasa lota.. paanaka lota halu lotamosaru lota.. should come to the left corner of bale yele keep one glass of water(silver or copper) at the right side of the yele all the bakshya like Modaka, bonda/bajjji/Aaambode . should come below chitranna. And in the end you should put abhigaara to anna first, payasa next.. and to bakshya third keep two line rangoli in front of yele. Keep two tuppada deepa in front of yele.Keep viledele ( 5 will do) and adike pudi in a separate platenow you do nivedya as per shastry jis mantra. What is the food restriction after doing this pooja for the day
. a

No Special food restrictions. Pl. avoid Onion, and eat outs during pooja day. Also avoid bringing food from out side and pot locks. You can assemble at one place and cook together. But not pot locks.

What is the Nivedya to be kept near the well (during Ganesha Immersion)
. a

Mosaru avalakki and poorna pahala nivedya.

What are the types of Ganesha SahasraNamaas are there Gakaara Ganaphi sahasranaama, Ganapathi sahasra nama etc.,
. a

Can I also do rudraabhishkha during this vratha

. a

Yes. Also do Rudra Kramarchane duering one of these days. Nitya Lalitha sahasra Nama is advised, if kept along with Swarna Gowri.

What is the Dress Code Resme (silk) panche and anga vastra(shalya). Married grihastaa should wear kacche panche and anga vastra.
. a

What all the pre requisites (on personal front) before starting the pooja Sandyavandane, devara pooje and Gowri vrata (if done at home) should be over before starting this pooja
. a

What should my son do after the pooja: 21 baski namaskaara for lord Ganesha and prey for vidya buddhi.
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What is the parihara (solution) If I see Chandra on this date a. If you see chouti Chandra, then you should listen to shyamtaka upaakyana kathe and wait and see following krishna(bahula) bidige Chandra. Can I do pooja by using a cassette
. a

Pl. avoid it.. if it is inevitable, use of cassette and doing pooja is better than not doing pooja at all. First choice is always to invite purohitaru to assist you to perform this Mangala vratha.

Can I do Pooja In Raahu Kaala Yes. He himself is vignavinayaka so why you worry about Rahu kaala.. In Bangalore, the Rahukaala on Monday is 07.04AM to 09.12 AM. (if you follow raahu kaala pl. follow this time not usual 07.30 to 09.00AM). But pl. follow raahu kaala at the time of immersion. What is the procedure to do saayankala pooja
. a . a

Finish your sandyavandane and light devara deepa and do shodashopachaara pooja followed by aarathi and kadale Nivedya. Invite neighbours and distribute this kadale usali.

What are normal items prepared in sayyankaala(Evening) pooja

. a

Kadale(Chenna) usali, Kabul usali, kosambari, kadale Hittu. kobri Sakkare, any one of these, or all of these, any thing.,

What all I can arrange/organise during Ganesha festival

. a

We can organise veda gosti/or it is called sadas (Group of vedic pundits), arrange for Bhajan group to come and perform at our house, Recite Shanti Veda mantra Patha, etc., Name some of the Veda Mantras we can chant during this festival Shanti Mantra, Guru sukta, Guru Vandane, Purusha sookta, Namaka(Rudra), Chamaka, Ganapathi Sookta, Ganapathi Atharva Shersha, Brihaspati Sukta (rig), Brahmanaspati sookta (Rig), and for Devi you should chant Devi, Ratri, Neela, Sri, Bhoo, Saraswati, Sumangala, and Kanya sooktas. Apart from this, parts of Samhita, Brahmana, Aranyaka, Upanishads can also be chanted. Especially, Ganapathi like Samagaana. Arrange for Sama gaana and Astavadhana also. 52. What is Astavadhana Seva.. when can we have it at house during this Festival a. Astavadhana means 8 types of avadhana sevas for the diety. chanting of 4 vedas (Rig, Yajur,Sama, atharvana), 5)Upanishad, 6).vedanga(panchanga,shastra, nirukta,any one of these), 7). purana, and 8).Rastrasheervada. People add up sangeeta seva, naatya, vaadya(normally nada swara) (different ragas). Normally soon after the pooja, we can perform all these. But if not possible due to time constrain, we can do it at any time during these five days.
5 1 . . a 5 3 .

a. Chant Brahmana Namaskara Mantra and recite Guru Mantra. Do the Sabha Pooja and offer Gandha, Prasada Pushpa(flowers) and Mantrakshata to all Brahmins. Give sabha Tambula with Dakshina and Brahmana Sambhavane (chant Sambhavane Vishnu mantras). Do the sankalpa of Brahmana Samaradhane and Offer Brahmana/Suvasini Bhojana. Give separate Asanas forall Brahmana/Suvasinis. (Pl. avoid putting jamkhana etc., (Ekasana dosha). Give Banana Leave with Agra to all. Give water tumblers (steel/copper/silver) serve water and wash the banana leaves. Make Devamandala in front of each Brahmana below Banana Leave. Take one cup of milk/Ghee and do patrabhigara on poorvaputa of each leave(Tip : Use Jasmine Flower for this purpose). Then, start serving with Salt and paayasam. Put two line rangoli in front of each Banna leave. (note: the parallel rangoli lines should be terminated at both the ends). Put two deepas in front of each Banana leave. While you start serving the other food items, Start with Trisuparna mantra/Upanishad/Sraddha, Medha, Pragnya sookta, MahaNarayana mantras along with Baghavad gita 15th chapter slokas. Finally do abhigara (Ghee) on Anna and Payasam and Bhakshya. Give devataarchane Theertha (Tulasi Theertha) to all. Now Request Brahmanas to do parishinchane. They will do parishinchane and wait for your aposhana. Give Brahmana Aposhana(with aposhana Mantra) and Turn to east or north and leave one spoon of water towards

east/north. Now remember your family deity request all to take aposhana. Recite Haranamah Parvati pataye and request all to have food. Now Give Hastodaka(very Important). During the meal after Rasam, recite some devaranama like Rama/Guru/purandara songs or any govinda Smarane. For Subha, uttaraposhana is not offered. (but they offer in dravida sampradaya). After the meals, pl. offer Tambula and dakshne(Bhojana Tambula) followed by Brahmana ashirvada. Normally Swasti Vaachna and Krama /Ghana Patha will be recited at this time. Give some sweets/Khara to all to carry back home as prasada. What all to chant while Ganesh Immersion Chant Shanti mantras.., Ganapathi BappaVaadya mela.. Ghanta Naada Jaagate during Ganesha Immersion. Ganesha Immersion can be on the same day or any day. If you are keeping along with Gowri, this time,
. a b . 2 5
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Shri Gurubhyo Namaha Hari: OM tatsatu: Sri Krishaanrpana Mastu.. Samasta Sanmagalaani Bhavantu.Mangalam