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Chaffey College Physics 5(Section 71606)

Course Outline Spring 2013

This course will include basic concepts of mass, force, Newton's Laws of Motion, work, energy, atoms, temperature, heat, waves, electricity, magnetism, and radioactivity. Course is designed for non-science and non-engineering majors. COURSE: PHYS 5 (3 Units) Lecture T Th : 5:00 PM-6:20 PM In Wargin Hall -112 TEXT & MATERIAL REQUIRED: PHYSICS- A Conceptual World View (any edition) by Kirkpatrick and Wheeler;(or Kirkpatrick and Francis) Chapters covered 1-10 The other chapters are time permits. Supplemental Materials for Physics 5 by Charles Hollenbeck. INSTRUCTOR: Asma W. Said Office hours: I will be available in room PS112 before class to answer your questions. Office phone: 909-652-6700 E-mail: PREREQUISITE: Math 410 HOMEWORK: You have 10 homework assignments during the whole semester. These assignments will be posted using the course webpage: The due dates are shown in your detailed syllabus. Quizzes: You have 10 take-home quizzes during the whole semester. These assignments will be posted using the course webpage: The due dates are shown in your detailed syllabus. TESTS: Four tests will be given .The lowest will be dropped. You may use a calculator and will need a Scantron mini essay book, number 886E. No make-up tests will be given. Review sheets will be given for all tests and the final exam. These are meant for additional practice. It does not mean that the tests and final will be exactly like these.

FINAL EXAM: Tuesday Dec. 17th,2013 from 5:00PM to 7:30PM.

The final exam is cumulative. Note that: The final examination time is a required class meeting ALL STUDENTS MUST ATTEND THIS EXAMINATION AT THIS TIME. GRADING:

Your grade in Physics 5 will be determined as follows: 5% -class participation 20%-Quizzes and homework 45%- midterm exams (lowest dropped) 30%-Final Exam

To benefit fully from this course students must attend regularly, ON TIME, and are expected to stay for the entire class period. Tests and exams will be heavily based on class discussion, quizzes, lectures, and homework assignments. At the end of the course, Every unexcused absence will lead to a loss of 1% to a maximum of 3%. You may be dropped or earn an F if you have more than 3 unexcused classes. From this total point score, your letter grade for the course will be determined using the scale below. 90% or greater A 80% or greater B 70% or greater C 60% or greater D less than 60% F NOTE: If you wish to drop the class, for whatever reason, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that the appropriate paperwork is completed and submitted in a timely fashion. Remember these deadlines: Deadline to Drop with REFUND August 28th Deadline to DROP Full-Term classes without a W grade September 3rd Deadline to DROP Full-Term classes with a W grade October 29th Remember these holidays: Thanks Giving Holiday November 28th December 1st Your Grades will be available online on January 6th

Tentative Physics 5 Schedule Fall 2013

W ee k 1 Dates Chapter/Topic Homework and Quizzes Due Date

August 15th August 20th August 22th August 27th August 29th

Introduction 1/Units and Conversion 1/Scientific Method, Proportions 2/Kinematics Units, Definitions Units, Conversion Speed Scalars and Vectors Biography Horizontal Acceleration Distance, Acceleration Free Fall Questions Problems Vectors Vector Definition Vector Addition Biographies Homework 1 Quiz 1 Sep. 3rd

Sep. 3rd th Sep 5

Homework 2 Quiz 2

Sep. 10


Sep. 10 Sep. 12th


Newton's Laws First Law Second Law Questions Second Law Problems Friction First Third law EXAM # 1 Vectors Vector Components Weight and Mass

Sep. 17 Homework 3 Quiz 3

Sep. 17 Sep.19th


Sep. 24th Homework 4 Quiz 4

Sep. 24th Sep. 26th

Newton's Laws F=ma Applied to Vertical Motion

Homework 5 Quiz 5

Oct 1st

Oct 1st th Oct. 3

Projectile Motion and Circular Motion Projectile Motion Acceleration Vector Centripetal Force and Acceleration Satellites and Apparent Weightlessness

Homework 6 Quiz 6

Oct 8


Oct 8 th Oct 10


EXAM # 2 Gravity Gravitational Force Tides Big Bang Theory Momentum Momentum Definition Cons, of Mom. Questions Cons, of Mom. Problems Impulse and Average Force Energy and Work Power and Work Simple Machines Oct. 22nd Homework 7 Quiz 7

Oct. 15 th Oct. 17



Oct. 22nd Oct. 24th



h Oct. 29 st Oct. 31

EXAM # 3 Rotational Motion Torque

Homework 8 Quiz 8

Nov. 5th



Nov. 5th Nov. 7th

Center of Gravity and Center of Mass Moment of Inertia

Homework 9 Quiz 9

Nov. 12



Nov. 12th Nov. 14th


Angular Momentum Questions Problems Atoms and Elements Structure of Atoms Elements Molecules Bonds

Homework 10 Quiz 10

Nov. 19



Nov. 19 Nov. 21st

States of Matter

15 Nov. 26 Dec. 3th


Density and Volume EXAM 4


Dec. 5rd Dec. 10th