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Mummy & Me Yoga (or Post-Partum Yoga)

First Month At Home (or first month when you feel ready for physical activity again) 1. *Pelvic Floor Exercises (see right) *Pelvic Floor Exercises 2. Supine Pelvic Tilt (or Reclined Pelvic Tilt) These exercises are so simple that they are 3. Pelvic Tilt and Wave (with arms) easily forgotten. Nevertheless, they are very powerful. If done regularly they will help Six Weeks to Three Months (or after #s 1-3 feel very easy) prevent urine leakage (stress incontinence). 4. Pelvic Floor Exercises They help speed healing after delivery, help 5. Supine Pelvic Tilt prevent hemorrhoids, and reduce the 6. Pelvic Tilt and Wave likelihood of long term complications like 7. Supine Knees to Chest uterine and bladder prolapsed (and can even 8. Simple Supine Twist improve sex life!). They should be done 9. Staff Pose every day. 10. Seated Forward Fold 11. Seated Angle Pose 12. Head to Knee Pose 13. Seated Twist 14. Head of a Cow Pose 15. Childs Pose (with knees almost together) 16. Cat/Cow Pose 17. Spinal Balance Pose 18. Monkey Pose 19. Power Chair 20. Downward Facing Dog 21. Lunge and Lift 22. Mountain Pose 23. Flying Pose 24. Forward Fold 25. Tree Pose 26. Bridge Pose 27. Abdominal Work 28. Fish Pose 29. Cobra Pose 30. Upward Facing Dog
All information from YogaFit Prenatal/Postpartum Teacher Training Manual, 2003

Urethral Squeeze: The urethra is that tube between bladder and vulva through which we urinate. This exercise helps strengthen the muscles that support the urethra so that it retains its normal angle, does not become saggy, and never allows the bladder to leak when we cough or sneeze. If youre having trouble locating the muscles of your pelvic floor, try this: Imagine that you are innocently urinating in the ladys room when suddenly the door flies open. Find the muscle you would automatically contract to stop the flow of urine and youve got it. Those are the muscle fibers you want to strengthen. You can even practice this a few times in real life while urinating. As you begin to urinate, exhale and contract your muscles until the flow stops. Release, inhale, and let it go again. Practice stopping and starting until your bladder is empty. Focus on contracting the muscles as you exhale, releasing them as you inhale. Then try it dry. Dont be alarmed if this feels funny or if your muscles are too weak to hold the urine stream at first. You may never have used these muscles before and they need exercise. Everything becomes easier with practice. Be sure and incorporate the breathing pattern into your practice from the beginning and it will eventually become a natural reflex.

Perineal Lift: Lie on your back (or reclined with pillows). Visualize the triangle of skin between the vagina and the anus. This is your perineum. Tighten and contract this area so that it lifts, closing the vagina. Once you are able to focus your awareness on this muscle, try synchronizing the muscular lifts with your breathing. Inhale slowly through your nose and gently lift. Pretend that you are in an elevator. Start in the basement with a completely relaxed perineum. As you inhale try lifting your perineal elevator slowly up one floor at a time. Stop at each floor. As the elevator door opens and closes, hold your tightened muscle, and exhale. Inhale and tighten some more, gradually moving up another floor. Pause, hold, and exhale. Inhale and tighten even harder, lifting the perineum up another floor. Continue until you reach the top. Then exhale and release slowly down to the basement. Try it again!