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Lesson 28 Give details that support the big idea I. Learning Objectives II.

II. Give details that support the big idea Give the main idea of a selection listened to Write the details that support the big ideas

Subject Matter A. Topic: B. References: C. Materials: Value Focus: Giving Details PELC D.2.2/BESR 6 pp. 39-42 pictures, chart Humility


Procedure A. Preparatory Activities 1. Answering the assignment 2. Unlocking of difficulties Pick out the letter that means the same as the underlined word in the sentence. 1. A boastful person wants to be always on lead. a. shy b. friendly c. proud 2. The rough surface of the jackfruit is hard to handle. a. smooth b. coarse c. shiny 3. The roasted pig has scorches on its body. a. patches b. curls c. wounds 4. The majorettes display their skills. a. show-off b. lead c. teach d. intelligent d. oblong d. marks d. play

3. Motivation Have you met proud and boastful persons? Do you like to befriend them? 4. Raising the Motive Question Why do you think the shrimp was boastful?

B. Presentation 1. During listening activity Pupils take note of the segments that justify their opinions/ideas about the title. The Boastful Prince Once there was a shrimp who thought he was the most handsome shrimp in all the world. In fact, he believed that he was more handsome than any other creature on earth. Just look at my sword, he proudly told the other young shrimps, pointing to the sharp course, as far as shrimps were concerned, the end of the nose was the most natural place for a sword to be. And look at my thick, smooth shield, he would continue, Nothing can pierce this shield. Like other shrimps, he carried his shield on his hand. And he needed to do to show off his shield was to hold his head high. You are indeed a handsome shrimp, said an old experienced shrimp. But you are just reaching adulthood and have had no experience of the world. Do not display yourself too much or else one of those human might grab you, said the old shrimp, pointing with one of the many legs to a young man swimming nearby. Grab me? Who? That soft-skinned two legged creature? scoffed the young shrimp. He does not even have proper shell. He has those funny little bits of shell on the ends of his fingers and toes, which do not protect him at all, as far as I can tell. All I need to do is stab him with my sharp sword, and that will be the end of him. Someday, he and other funny two-legged humans will look at me and admire me! said the young shrimp. Well, if you wont listen to my advice, said the old shrimp, you will have to learn your lessons the hard way. The young shrimp soon forgot about the old shrimps advice. he continued his habit of looking for groups of other young shrimps his age, and showing off before them. He would engage in shrimp gymnastics, bending his body this way and that, to let them see how strong his muscles were inside his beautiful glistening white shell, which hardly had any dark spots or lines on them, unlike the other shrimps around him. One day, a fishing boat passed by, with fishermen on board looking for a good catch. The boastful shrimp saw his chance to display his athletic form before them. he swam to the surface of the water, the fishermen saw him. They cast their net and, in few minutes, the boastful young shrimp was caught in the net along with other shrimps and fish. That day at lunch time, the boastful shrimp was seen on the end of a barbecue stick, his shell now in beautiful colors of pink, read and brown, with some scorched spots from the hot coals over which he was

2. Post-listening Activities a. Answering the motive question b. Answering guide questions. Finding the paragraphs where the questions are answered a. How did the boastful shrimp display his shield? b. how did he display his strong muscles? c. How did the fisherman catch him? d. What was his wish? How did he get his wish at last? e. If you have talent, do you have to boast off? 3. Generalization Why do we have to give details? What would you do to be able to give details? 4. Application A. Guided Activity Read the following paragraphs. Identify the details that support the main idea. 1. Ants are interesting insects. They live in colonies. There are three groups of ants: the workers, the soldiers and the queen. The queen ant, is taken cared by the soldiers and the workers. The workers hunt food for all the ants on the colony. 2. Fish lay in different places. They lay their eggs in corals. Some attach their eggs to leaves of the water plant. B. Independent Exercises Find out which details would support the big idea. Big idea 1: Technology is science in practice. It is the means by which improvements on existing materials are undertaken. a. It provides many comforts and conveniences of modern life. b. It is dangerous and disadvantageous. c. Many things were made possible. d. It quicks up work and productions. e. It is liked by everyone. Big idea 2: The Filipino family is described as closely-knit. This explains why married children and grandchildren continued living with their parents. a. Married children live with their parents.

b. Married children find new house of their own. c. Married children plan for their own lives. d. Married children do not ask for help from their parents. IV. Evaluation Listen to the main idea and pick out details from the list below that would support each big idea. Main idea 1: One shrimp though he was the most handsome shrimp in the entire world and refuse to listen to an old shrimps advice. a. b. c. d. Main idea 2: One day he was caught in some fishermans net barbequed, and served on our table. a. b. c. d. The details: What a fine, fat shrimp! Nothing can fierce my shield. You are indeed a handsome shrimp but do not display yourself too much. They young shrimp would not listen to the old shrimps advice. Its the best shrimp Ive ever tasted. The fisherman cast their net in a few minutes, caught the boastful shrimp along with other shrimps and fish. V. Assignment

Read any selection and write its details.

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