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Contradictions Eee by Cig Cabo, Soca Sec Xela 1 F-And Tei, he of inde On Rao ad Foucault and Heidegger Critical Encounters Alan Milchman and Alan Rosenberg Editors Contradictions, Volume 16 A ‘University of Minnesota Press Iavo'iee ft aes ge Contents Acknonkmens “Toward a FoucallHdegeeAnsinaneretmg {lw Memon ad Alon Rosen “Being and Power” Revised Hobart Drests edge and Foucahs Exaping Techolopal Nin Jana Sai Niewsche, Heidegger and Focal Nii and Beyond Sivoon Hats Sabjeing Dasein Tide Me Whorter Foucault and Heider on Kane and Fiade sie How Michal Shears Reading Gencslgy as Histeccl One Simi Fe 63 The Fie and Pits of Naat: pic of the Ge Thinking the Terran of Knowle Wi Spon as Acknowledgments Heide, Fowcal an the Ags of SelTanfoemation ed yh om Foscauleso idee: A One Wy Ticker? eu Vinker Lishenes of Mind Density ithe Thought Hesdeger and Fosse Indes 351 ‘We want to asknowlge he enormous importance of he tiaking of Mickel Feast and Mart Hoga he cunt af which amy Akmostoed by the ess cmt an hi vale "te wan ten te worst volume fo thie nt paren throughout the log proce fam conception inl, we want to thank Moris Rabinowitz, whose chica able co vst