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October 25, 1993


In the view of numerous reports of smuggling being undertaken thru consolidation shipments transferred to outside CY-CFS as borne out by recent apprehension of consolidation cargoes which were found to contain highly dutiable and misdeclared goods, the following control measures are hereby prescribed for the strict compliance by all concerned:


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The application for the transfer of a consolidation shipment to an outside CY-CFS must be filed by the General Manager of the shipping line or his duly authorized representative(s). The General Manager may designate at least two representatives who, together with his own, shall submit specimen signatures, thumb marks and designation to the Collector of the Port for reference purpose. The Inward Foreign manifest must clearly indicate that the container(s) sought to be transferred is/are containers being handled by the applying shipping line. Applications for the transfer of such containers must be indorsed by a duly designated official of the CY-CFS with which the shipping line has a tie-up for the transfer and stripping of LCL Containers. To accompany the application for transfer must be a certification that there will be no further amendment to the manifest covering the container to be transferred and a list of all the contents thereof with the following information: a) B/L No; b) Marks and Nos.; c) Quantity: d) Description; e) Consignee; f) Weight; (kgs); and g) Measurement (cbm). The shipping line may request for the opening of the van prior to filing of the application to make sure there are no unmanifested shipments contained therein nor gross discrepancies in weight/measurement. All unmanifested shipments found in the container after receipt of the CY-CFS transfer application shall be considered as undeclared shipment to be motupropio forfeited in favour of the government pursuant to RA 7651. Upon arrival at the outside CY-CFS, the shipment shall be stripped in the presence of CIIS, ESS and outside CYCFS Warehouse representative. A stripping report, signed by the said person shall be FAXED immediately to the District Collector/Office of the Commissioner. In no case shall transfer to an outside CY-CFS be allowed when the pertinent consolidation cargo manifests and accompanying riders and such other documents required herein are not attached to the application for transfer.

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For strict compliance. Effective immediately. GUILLERMO L. PARAYNO, JR. Commissioner

Lajara, Kamin Von Ernesto C.