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In order to understand why the population is growing so fast, it should be taken in to account that the population growth is an exponential

growth, in other words, the greater is the number of people living on the earth, the faster it is going to grow. During the last decades it was thought that the problem of overpopulation was just related to some developing countries, such as Brazil, China and India, which have been coping with this matter for a long time. Undoubtedly also the main cities of developed countries suffer from being crowded with people. As a result of such dense a population most of the greatest cities might face serious problems with supplying food, jobs and housing. Finally, it goes without saying that overpopulation has been considered as one of the worlds worst environmental problem. Cities crowded with people need external resources in order to supply the large amount of food, fuel, heat, electricity demanded by the inhabitants. In order to solve this issue, it is said that Governments should adopt a zero growth population policy, patterned after the Chinese one-child policy. But the opponents of this policy highlight the lack of moral basis for imposing an unnatural control over such a matter. Another solution could be the reallocation of the population, which could be possible by exploiting uninhabited places, such as mountains or deserts. Of course, it would take time to put into practice such a project that seems to be unrealistic, but could be the only one possible in the future.

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