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Answer the following questions briefly:

1. Define Strategic Management?

2. What do you mean by strategies and define its types?
3. Define Mission Statements?
4. What do you mean by Long term objectives?
What are policies?
 Define following briefly:

• The nature of Strategy Evaluation

• Characteristics of an effective Evaluation System
• Contingency planning
• Auditing as a tool of Strategy Evaluation

Q1: Write down the mission statement of any known organization and also identify the
following in your selected mission statement: 10 Marks

a) Purpose of the organization

b) Business of the organization
c) Values of the organization

Question No. 1
What is strategic management? How can you relate functions of management with
strategic management process?
Question No. 1
How does information system support business process? 6 Marks

Question No. 2
What are the main purposes of research and development? 4 Marks

Q1: What are the differences and similarities among BCG Matrix and IE Matrix?
5 Marks

Q2: List down the steps involved in developing a QSPM? 5 Marks

Q1. There are four types of resources. How these resources can best be used to implement
strategy? (
Q2. Define reengineering and restructuring by providing appropriate examples with
the reference of Pakistan?

“Sufficient Finance is necessary for the survival of any organization”.

Based on the above statement comments that in order to implement strategies what
sort of finances is needed by the organization? Also explain that how these finance
help to implement strategy?

What do you think that what should be the Ideal Strategy Evaluation system for an
Organization? Discuss different points keeping in view the characteristics of an Organization,
including its size, management style, purpose, problems and strength. Also explain that how
these factors can determine a strategy evaluation and control system’s final design?

1. Given are two social, cultural and demographic variables. 4

• Buying habits of people
• Attitude towards product quality

Explain with reference to “Nestlé pure life water” that how these factors are obstacles in
the survival of this organization in Pakistan?
2. List down the major factors of rivalry between NOKIA and MOTOROLA 2

(For example Nirala and Gourmet compete on Price, services and number of outlets in the

3. What are some major marketing medium used by TELENOR? 2

(For example major marketing medium for educational institutions are

• News papers
• Brochures
• Website)

1. As a strategic manager of a company ABC, you found that in the company there are
many process which you think are slow and wastage of time. You think that company can
overall save time and increase efficiency if they are redesigned. What will you call this
process and what types of negative outcomes you are expected to face.