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Ras Food & Drink °: arora Personal Care & Living =: sea ‘Amusement Public & Education ° Services « am Mechanical Equipme! Having visual impact is a relatively simple task — place a tightly cropped photograph smack in the center of a layout, or use brilliant colors or unusual printing techniques. "Hit-people-over-the-head" type impact, however, does not readily linger on people's minds or inspire people to mention it to others. Impact that goes that far has "something else". Impact is of course integral to the role of advertising — it is inescapable. But communicating is what it is really all about. Advertising that leaves an imprint on hearts and minds must "clearly communicate" that itis "like nothing before". That calculated quality increases the freshness of common messages, and has the power to keep people interested in things that have reached stereotypical proportions. ‘Impactive ads' seem to have a character that dwells within ... perhaps the character of the art director him/herself. The messages and atmosphere that emerge from such ads make people react and remember. If you want to do more than "hit people over the heads", you must be attentive to finding something "like never before", breaking with precedence, and conveying a clear message. Only ads that achieve all this stimulate the eye and mind, and become "impactive ads". Art Director Yuji Tokuda ye ads'."