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Further investigation of an extraordinary phenomenon— survival of life after bodily death I140-X * $1.95 * A BANTAM BOOK (6) Statsbiblioteket IIIT 400016239508 RAYMOND A.“MOODY, JR.M:D. The bestselling sequel to Life After Life FURTHER INVESTIGATION OF LIFE AFTER LIFE Dr. Moody has continued his research into near- death experiences since the publication of Life After Life. He has now interviewed hundreds more men and women who were close to death or actually pronounced dead. New elements not encountered in Life After Life case histories are recorded here for the first time. As evidence of the afterlife mounts, Dr. Moody brings us one step closer to unraveling mankind’s greatest mystery. - Bantam Books by Dr. Raymond A. Moody Reflections On LIFE AFTER LIFE REFLECTIONS ON LIFE AFTER LIFE LIFE AFTER LIFE by Raymond A. Moody, Jr., M.D. few vo"