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SGA/DFA PY-06-11-297

GRANTEE: Eaglevison Ministries

Sequence No: 297
ADDRESS: 2557 Dustin Rd.
Okemos, MI 48864

AMOUNT: $60,000
DURATION: 12 months

POPULATION SERVED: Ex-offender females in the Lansing and Tri-County area (Ingham,
Eaton, and Clinton), Michigan

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: (Services they will provide.)

Eaglevision provides intensive employment services to ex-offender women after release. It has
partnered with its local One-Stop Career Center to provide comprehensive services to this group.
Some of the services they provide include: comprehensive intake and assessment, needs and
literacy evaluations, interviews, case management, substance abuse evaluation/treatment, weekly
ex-offender support groups, anger management classes, and many others. Its staff consists of a
Case Manager, Education Coordinator/Tutor, and Volunteer Mentors.

This grant will allow Eaglevison to expand its list of programs. In addition to the programs
mentioned above. Eaglevision wants to institute their Intensive Academic Program. Ex-
offenders in this program will receive comprehensive academic evaluations, individual academic
service planning, one-on-one tutoring, classroom and group tutoring for the GED, monthly
academic evaluations, internships, academic materials, computer-based learning activities, job
retention follow up, and supportive services for transportation and childcare. All of these courses
are designed to meet the needs of the target population.

GOALS: (How many people served, placed in jobs or education, retained, etc.)
The proposed grant funding will allow Eaglevision to assist 30 participants. Twenty-four of
these will be in GED courses and 6 will be enrolled in remedial academic coursework. Of those
in the GED portion, 50% will complete their GED within the 18 month performance time.
Ninety percent of those in remedial classes will increase at lease one grade level. Ninety percent
of those in the program will begin work at an average wage of $9 per hour. Eaglevision will
enroll 60% of those finishing their GED in post-secondary or advanced technical training. After
30 days, 80% will still have their jobs and at 6 months, there will be a 70% retention rate.

GEOGRAPHIC AREA TO BE SERVED: Lansing, MI and the tri-county area.

CONTACT: Dr. LaClaire Bouknight P: (517) 492-5591

F: (517) 492-5501
E: lbouknig@yahoo.com