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12.40 - 2.00 p.

Topik : Cell as a unit of life Terperinci : Form : 1 Jingga

Duration : 12.40 - 2.00 p.m Theme : Man and the variety of living things Learning Area : Cell as a unit of life Venue : Form 1 Science Laboratory Learning Objectives : 2.2 Unicellular and multicellular organisms Learning Outcomes : By the end of the lesson, students should be able to : 1. State the meaning of unicellular and multicellular organisms 2. Give examples of unicellular and multicellular organims and multicellular organisms Learning Activities : 1. Teacher shows students the several number of pictures 2. Then, from that, ask students about the same characteristics between organisms 3. Students and teacher discuss about the microorganisms which is can divide into 2 : multicellular and unicellular 4. Show them several videos that related to the subtopic 5. Students complete the exercise given 6. Teacher and students discuss the answer for that experiment 7. Students conclude the lesson Teaching Tools : power point presentation, marker pen, worksheet,video Scientific Skills : Observing, inferring, predicting, communicating, evaluating, making conclusions Scientific Attitudes and Noble Values : being respectful and well mannered, being thankful to God, being objective, being systematic, being cooperative, daring to try