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SAP FI/CO Certif ion Preparation By Captain ® Murtaza Habib 0333-4226800 SAP Certification Preparation Document Control 1. Document Types and Number Ranges A business transaction can create one or more documents. Documents in R/3 include a doc header and 2-999 line items. ‘A document remains a complete unit in the R/3 system until archived Controlling info may also be included in doc header SAP records at least one doc for every biz transaction and each doc receives a unique doc number. i, Doc No ii, Coy Code iii, Fiscal Year ‘Two important control keys for documents are: co Document Type (to control document header) co Posting Keys (for line items) Doe" ¥pe controls the doc header & is used to classify the business transactions to be posted, iis thE KEV 10 ‘Most imp control functions of doc types are ; ‘Number ranges for doc numbers; Account types permitted for postings ‘Doe Types defined at client level and valid for all eoy eodes, It controls the following: i. which accounts to be posted ii. number range field status of document header text and reference iv. Whether invoices are posted with net procedure. Ifno reversal document type is specified, the reversal doc has the same doc type as original doc. You can copy the intervals of document number ranges from one coy code to another or copy intervals from one fiscal year to other. Every Coy Code may define its own Doc number ranges or doc number ranges created per coy code Doc Number range can be internal or external, Mhe internal range ea be Year Specific or year independent, Extemal number ranges may be alphanumeric ‘System saves the last document used from number range in field Current number. i. Uptoa future fiscal year :no restart ii, Foreach fiscal year xestart 2. Posting Keys and Field Status Groups Defined at Client level and most imp con functions for a posting key are; i. Determine which account type can be posted to ii, Side of account (debit or credit posting) iii, Field status of additional details or layout of entry screen iv. Specifies whether the line item is connected to a payment transaction or not. (helps analyzing payment historyMnotices) vv. Whether posting is sales relevant and sales figures need to be updated. Std posting keys for customer/vendor invoices are i, credit- 50 customer ~31 Vendor ii, debit- 01 customer ~ 40 Vendor Standard posting keys for G/L account postings are; 40 Debit posting key 50 Credit, posting Key ield Status of document fields is influenced by Field status group and posting key and is determined by three factors i, Account type (S,K,D) ii, Field status of posting key iii, Field status of account.