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abandon, to


abandon a well

abandoned oil
( , ,
abandoned well

dry and abandoned
, , ,

plug and abandon


abandon a well

abandoned derrick

abandoned oil
( , ,
abandoned piping
abandoned well

dry and abandoned
, , ,

plug and abandon

plugged and abandoned well

underground storage in abandoned mines


, , ,
abandonment application

abandonment contour

abandonment cost
abandonment job

abandonment plug

abandonment pressure
( )
abandonment suit
( )
abandonment winch


, , , , , , , ;
/ (.)
access opening

access road

maintenance access door

tendon access tube


acidizing v

acidized formation
bottom-hole acidizing

fracture acidizing
( )
interstitial acidizing

jet acidizing
matrix acidizing

pressure acidizing


, , , , ,

aggregate bed thickness

clustered aggregate
( )



allowable hole deviation

allowable length of pipe suspension

allowable load

allowable maximum pressure

allowable stress

allowable suspension

allowable withdrawal rate

discovery-well allowable

gas-cap allowable
anchor v

anchoring v

, ()
anchor block

anchor bolt

anchor buoy

anchored tubing

anchoring deck

anchoring line

anchor latch

anchor leg

anchor marker buoy

anchor mooring turntable

anchor pile

anchor piling
( )

anchor pipe

anchor position marker buoy

anchor rack

anchor shoe

anchor slip

anchor string
( )

anchor system
( )

anchor system mooring turntable

( )

anchor template

anchor trap

anchor washpipe spear

anchor winch

casing anchor packer

catenary anchor leg mooring

charge anchor

Christmas-tree anchor bolt

combination wall and anchor packer

( )

dead-line anchor

derrick guy anchor

direct-acting sand anchor

double-body gas anchor

formation tester with anchor

gas-sand anchor

gravity anchoring
( )

ground anchor

guideline anchor

guyline anchor

hook-wall anchor

hydraulic anchor

hydromechanical tension anchor

insert gas anchor

insert pump anchor

inverted anchor

multisection gas anchor

piled anchoring
- ( )

piled-gravity anchoring

- ( )

retrievable cable anchor

safety anchor sheave

sand anchor

screw anchor
( )

screw anchor packer

screw casing anchor packer

sectional gas anchor

sidewall anchor packer

single-housing gas anchor

slip of anchor

spring anchor

submersible gas anchor

subsea pipeline anchor

suction anchoring
( )

tension tubing anchor

tester anchor

two-sectional gas anchor

vibrational gas anchor

whipstock anchor

wireline anchor

anchor-isolation packer

annular adj

annular borer

annular cement level

annular channeling
( )

annular circulation

annular electrode

annular fill
( )

annular fill-up height

annular flow
( )

annular gas

annular gas-flow problem

, ( )

annular gasket

annular gas leakage

annular packer

annular preventer

annular return velocity

( )

annular seal

annular zone

inverse annular flow

( )

rotary annular extractor


wispy annular flow

- ( )

annular-dispersed flow
- ( )
( )
annulus casing pressure

annulus conductivity

annulus effect

annulus of formation water

drill-string-borehole annulus

drill-string-casing annulus

low-resistivity annulus

sealing of annulus

shut-in wellhead annulus pressure

tubing-casing annulus

wellhead annulus pressure

appraisal n
, ,
appraisal curve

field appraisal


articulated column

articulated coupling

articulated joint

articulated loading platform


articulating pad

concrete articulated tower

assemble v

derrick assembling

drilling string assembling

, , , ; ,
; , , , ;
accessory drive assembly

angle-building assembly

assembly compound

assembly site

ball joint extension assembly

( )

bottom-hole assembly

bottom-hole drilling assembly

cap assembly

casing slip assembly

coastal assembly site

derrick assembly shop

directional-drilling assembly

discharge-valve assembly

disk-spring assembly

diverter assembly
( )

diverter insert assembly

diverter support assembly

downward derrick assembly

drilling assembly

drilling string assembly

drilling tool bearing assembly

drill-stem assembly

drill-string assembly

emergency casing slip assembly

emergency seal assembly


emergency slip assembly

flexible electrode assembly

flowby hanger and seal assembly


insert assembly
( )

kill line support assembly

light-duty wellhead assembly

limber-pendulum assembly

lower riser assembly

magnetized drilling assembly

marine riser-seal assembly

marine riser stab assembly

marine riser-stub assembly

mud-pump rod assembly

packed-hole assembly

packed-hole string assembly

packed-pendulum assembly

pack-off assembly

pendulum drill assembly

( )

pipe-follower roller assembly

( )

pipe-roller assembly
( )

plenum assembly

rigid bottom-hole assembly

sealed bit assembly

seismometer cable assembly

slick bottomhole assembly

spinner assembly

stiff bottom-hole assembly

straddle packer assembly

surface system assembly

tee-type wellhead assembly

trolley assembly

tubing joint assembly

unified assembly

upward derrick assembly

wellhead assembly

wireline guide assembly

wireline measuring assembly


, ; , ,
; , ,
average freight rate assessment

deposit assessment model

environmental impact assessment


risk assessment
(; )

source assessment

technical and economic assessment


assignee n
assignee in bankruptcy

assignment n

assignment of production rate limit
, ,

horizontal assignment


, , ; ; ,
dance attendance upon somebody

hours of attendance

medical attendance

poor attendance

there was a large attendance at the meeting

your attendance is requested

your attendance today is excused


, ,

auger agitator

auger drill

auger drill head

auger drilling

auger drilling unit

auger feeder

auger fork

auger method

auger stem


, , , , automatic arc-welding machine

automatic bailer

automatic blowout preventer

automatic boom-kickout device


automatic butt-welding machine

automatic cathead

automatic connecting coupling

automatic constant-tension mooring winch

automatic control

automatic controller

automatic coupling screwing-on unit

automatic custody transfer

( )

automatic custody transfer system

automatic data processing

automatic dehydrator

automatic dewaxing unit

automatic drain mechanism

automatic driller

automatic drilling

automatic drilling control

automatic drilling rig

automatic drilling toolfeed controller

automatic drill-pipe racker

automatic elevator

automatic feed

automatic feed-off

automatic fill-up casing-guide shoe

automatic fill-up float shoe

automatic float pump-out unit

automatic grip hinged spider

automatic log computation

automatic oil-production system

automatic one-chamber bailer

automatic pipe-handling system

automatic pipe racking system


automatic pipe stabber


automatic positioning

automatic power slips

automatic pumping

automatic regulator

automatic safe-load indicator

automatic sampler

automatic shutdown

automatic shut-off

automatic station keeping

( )

automatic sucker-rod holder

automatic tank battery

automatic telemetering

automatic torque limiter

automatic tripping mechanism

( )

automatic viscosity controller

( )

automatic volume control

automatic weight controller

automatic welding

automatic welding machine

automatic welding station

automatic wellhead choke

automatic well-measuring unit

continuously sensing automatic control system


direct-speed automatic cathead

lease automatic custody transfer

left-hand automatic cathead

makeup-breakout automatic device

one-head automatic welding

pipe makeup-breakout automatic device

The Commission for Storage , Automatic Processing and Retrieval of Geological Data

tubing tongs with automatic catch

two-head automatic welding

auxiliary adj

auxiliary bearing

auxiliary brake

auxiliary charge

auxiliary coverage

auxiliary drilling tool

auxiliary drum

auxiliary electrode

auxiliary equipment

auxiliary hoist

auxiliary line

auxiliary manifold

auxiliary marker

auxiliary packer

auxiliary point method

( )

auxiliary sampler chamber

auxiliary shot

auxiliary shotpoint


backoff shot
( )

backoff wheel

tubing backoff

, ; , , , ;
backup key
( )

backup line

backup man

backup pad
( )

backup shoe

( )

backup tongs

backup trace

backup wrench

bailer n
, ,
acid dump bailer
( )

air bailer
( )

automatic bailer

automatic one-chamber bailer

bailer conductor

bailer crown-block sheave

bailer dart

bailer dump

bailer valve

cement dump bailer

cementing with bailer

float bailer

guided bailer

piston bailer

sectional bailer

suction bailer

swab bailer

valve bailer

weighted bailer