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The Student Assistantship is granted to financially handicapped but deserving and intellectually capable students. The program is intended to assist the students pursue their college education by working in the different offices of the University. (Source: UC Website) The applicant shall have to complete the following requirements: a. Letter of application, and a photocopy of his/her registration form for the current semester; b. NBI Clearance; c. Barangay Clearance; d. Certificate of Good Moral Character; e. The applicant should pass the assistantship qualifying examination. Student Assistants shall enjoy the following benefits/ privileges: a. 100% discounts on tuition and miscellaneous fees; b. Monthly Allowance; c. Personal, Professional and Spiritual Developmental activities. In order to maintain his/her scholarship, a Student Assistant (SA) must: a. Enroll a maximum of 18 units per term; b. Should not incur a failing mark, INC, or drop a subject in any of the enrolled subjects; c. Have satisfactory performance ratings with a favorable recommendation from the office head.

WORKING HOURS A Student Assistant shall have to spend the maximum of six (6) hours of work a day. In sum, the student assistant shall have to render Thirty six (36) hours of work a week.

ALLOWANCE The Student Assistant shall receive an allowance of php785 a month if he/she is designated is in library services. The Student Assistant shall receive an allowance of php1,000 a month if he/she is designated in janitorial services.

CAUSE FOR TERMINATION The Student Assistance shall be relieved of duty in case he/she incurs a failing grade in a subject of more than 3 units. However, if he/she desires to return, he/she should show that he/she is capable of studying hard while working as a student assistant.

NOTE: Student Assistants are not entitled to SSS or any other governmental benefits since they are classified as University Scholars.

Labor Standards of Student Assistants

Dizon, Robin Salvosa, Lean Paolo

Rivera, Clark Paul