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ichard Wolfe's . eC PROFESSIONAL TAKE BOOK 1010 SONGS ALPHABETICAL CONTENTS See page 477 for HIGHLIGHTS REFERENCE GUIDE Page A 14. A“TISKET A-TASKET . 1930 10...THE ABA DABA HONEYMOON 1900 15...ABIDE WITH ME. Inspirational 11... ACROSS THE WE: cee Folk 12..AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER . . - Movie 145, AFTER LOVE « Movie 80._AFTER ONE KISS... 0.2... = 1960s 26,..AFTER THE BALL... se ++ 1890's 31._.AFTER THE FOX. = Movie 19..AGAIN +2. 19808 379... AINT MISBEHAVIN' ‘Broadway 19. AINT THAT A SHAME - Fock & Roll, 83..AIR. sevses Broadway 11. ALABAMA BOUND + « Folk/Country 402... ALBUMBLAT (Grieg) + Classical 13... ALICE BLUE GOWN .. eo 1900's 27.-ALL1 D0 IS DREAM OF YOU + 1930S 25...ALL | EVER NEED IF YOU 1970's 214.,ALL IN LOVE IS FAIR 21. ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BE 26...ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT . 403..ALLA TURGA (Mozart) . ppgrocos 402... ALLEGRETTO From "SYMPHONY No. 3° (Brahms) .. 405... ALLEGRETTO From “SYMPHONY No, 7” ”(estover) 28...ALLEY CAT... 12.-ALMOST LIKE BEING IN LOVE. Broadway/1940's 17. ALOHA OE (Farewell To Thee) Hawaiian 14,,.THE ALOHA WALTZ Hawaiian 16.. ALOUETTE (The Lark) . «+ hildren 406... AMARYLLIS (Ghys) Glassical 16... AMAZING GRACE... Inspirational 21. AMEN. ‘Inspirational 11,..AMERICA (My Country Tis Of Thee) Patriotic 23. AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL = Patriotic 10... THE AMERICAN PATROL, ‘March 32. .AMERICAN PIE... .. : 19708 10... ANCHORS AWEIGH Patrotic/March 24...AND | LOVE YOU SO . +++, 1970'/Sentimental Occasion 404.” ANDANTE CANTABILE From SYMPHONY No. 5° (Tchaikovsky) ... Classical 14. ANGELA 1950S 386,.ANGELS FROM HEAVEN oo... 2.0. ee s.ese Ghristmas 386,..ANGELS FROM THE REALMS OF GLORY... Christmas 387. ANGELS WE HAVE HEARD ON HIGH .... Christmas 51..ANGEL'S TEARS... .0e0se0nr0 1950's 403. ANITRA'S DANCE From “PEER GYNT” (Greg). Classical 18..ANNABEL LEE ......-+.6 Folk 245... ANNIE, Broadway 15... ANNIVERSARY SONG + Sentimental Occasion 404, ANVIL CHORUS (Verdi) « Classical 20...APPLAUSE. s+. Broadway 21,..APRIL LOVE. Movie/1950's 24. APRIL SHOWERS : 1920 22. AQUARIUS... + Broadway/1960's 23...ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT? .... Country 406... ARTIST'S LIFE WALTZ (Strauss) Classical 129...ARTZA ALINU Jewish 405... SES DEATH From "PEER GYNT (Grieg) « Classical 27...AT LAST 1940's 28...AT SUNDOWN . 19208 16...AULD LANG SYNE Sentimental Occasion 22...AUTUMN OF MY LIFE 1960s 407... AVE MARIA (Schubert)... +..+6 ++ Classical 386... AWAY IN A MANGER Christmas B 30,..BAA! BAA! BLACK SHEEP «0... 0.0 .0ceeseeeeeeeteee teres children 61...BABY FACE 1920s 47...BABY. | LOVE YOUR WAY 1970s 44.-BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN... 02... ...ccecseereeeee = Country 476...BAD TO ME... Rock & Roll 34, THE BALLAO OF GILLIGAN'S ISLAND .- TV. Theme 33...THE BAND PLAYED ON : + 1890's 50.,.BANKS OF THE OHIO Folk 42. BARBARY ALLEN .» Folk 409. BARCAROLLE (Offenbach) 20000210101210. « Classical 40,..BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC... Patriotic 36...BE HONEST WITH ME 7 Country 152, 38, 37, 49, 67 51 412. 108. 247. 20 35, a 31 38. 39 407. 408. 393. an 58. 53, 65, 258. “BURY ME BENEATH THE: BEIN . Broadway BE MY LOVE * Movie/1960's/Sentimenal Occasion BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES : ves American Favorite [BEAUTIFUL DREAMER + American Favorite BEAUTIFUL OHIO . BECAUSE...... BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE. THE BED BEER BARREL POLKA - ‘BEHOLD THE SAVIOR OF MANKIND ‘BELIEVE ME IF ALL THOSE ENDEARING YOUNG CHARMS - ‘A BICYCLE BUILT FOR TWO (Daisy Bell). THE BIG BEAT : THE BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN’. BIG SPENDER . BILL BAILEY, WONT YOU BILLY THE KID. BIN BAM BOOM ‘ABIRD IN A GILDED GAGE . ‘THE BIRTH OF THE BLUES ABIT O'THEBROGUE....00 00... ‘BLEST BE THE TIE THAT BINDS .....-.. ‘BLOOD ON THE SADDLE BLOW THE MAN DOWN... 202.0202 BLUE AUTUMN... LUE DANUBE WALTZ (Stes ‘BLUE MONDAY . BLUE MOON. BO WEEVIL... ‘THE BOLL WEEVIL. BONNIE BLUE EVES BOUREE (Bach) . THE BOW OF LOVE ‘THE BOWERY... THE BOY NEXT DOOR BRAHMS’ LULLABY . uo BRIDAL MARCH From LOHENGRIN® (Wagner)... ‘THE BRIDGE AT REMAGEN (Main Theme) . BRIGADOON..... BRIGHTEN THE GORNER WHERE YOU ARE ‘BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES ‘BROADWAY BABY .. ‘BROADWAY MELODY . ‘BUBBLES IN THE WINE BUCKEYE JIM THE BUGLE CAl 19608 TIT Mower1920s ‘THE BUTCHER'S BOY . BY LOVE POSSESSED BYE BYE, LOVE . c Fi (CABIN IN THE SKY = 19408 CAE CAE Latin THE CAISSONS GO ROLLING ALONG (CALIFORNIA HERE | COME CAMPTOWN RACES . . (CARAVAN CANON (CARA MIA. (CARELESS LOVE (CARNIVAL OF VENICE (Benedict) ‘CARO NOME (Verdi) (CARRY ME BACK TO (Get Some) CASH FOR YOUR TRASH... CCASTANET SONG From "CARMEN" (Bizet). Folk Classical « Glassical “American Favente ‘Broadway Classical (CELEBRATED WALTZES (Strauss) . Glassical CELESTE AIDA (Verdi .. Classical |A CERTAIN SMILE Y Movie/1950's (CHARMAINE 19208/Walte (CHATTANOOG) 19405 ‘THE CHERRY TREE CAROL istmas (CHERYL'S GOING HOME (CHISHOLM TRAIL mn (CHITTY GHITTY BANG BANG... (CHRISTMAS ‘THE CHRYSANTHEMUM ‘CIAO, CIAO, BAMBINA. CINDY... CIRIBIRIBIN CITY OF NEW ORLEANS.