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Christopher S.

Rainwater, CSMP
6606 Palisades Drive Texarkana TX 75503 903-908-3724 csrainwater@gmail.com www.chrisrainwater.com

Curriculum Vitae
Career Summary
Safety, Occupational Health, and Risk Management professional with extensive senior level management experience in providing leadership through program administration and proven ability to lead people and teams, implement and manage strategic safety and occupational health plan and vision. Dynamic leader with strong record of team building and problem solving. Proven skills in all facets of safety and occupational health including OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) and OHSAS system management. Exceptional communicator possessing extremely strong writing, teaching, presentation, and speaking skills. Demonstrated organizational management skills, including safety program management, organizational management, budgeting, and strategic planning. Certified Safety Manager (CSMP) with proven record of managing large-scale programs and staffs. Progressive and forward-thinking manager with more than twenty-five years of leadership in the Safety and Occupational Health field.

Professional Skills
Safety and Occupational Health Risk Management State and Federal Laws, 29 CFR 1910 and 1926

Safety Program Management

Labor relations / collective bargaining

Promulgation and Execution of Safety and Occupational Health Plans Strategic Planning

Workers Compensation Administration Excellent interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills Leadership and team building

Experienced supervisor with multiple senior direct reports

ANSI, NIOSH, NFPA, ASME and Other Standards

High Volume Safety and Occupational Health Training

Facility Planning, Inspection, Hazard Identification and Abatement

HAZCOM Global Harmonization Standards

Operating and capital budgets

Job Hazard Analysis

Computer Applications and Database Management Insurance and Claim Management

Personal Protective Equipment

Litigation Management

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Professional Experience
Director, Safety and Occupational Health United States Army Red River Army Depot 2011- Present Annual Budget: $1.2 Billion Employees: 6,000
Serve as principal advisor, technical consultant and program manager to the Commander and Staff. Provides interpretations and guidance concerning the application of safety regulations, policies, procedures, and standards. Identifies, analyzes and evaluates safety hazards. Develop and recommend accident/injury avoidance procedures to safeguard personnel. Extend or adapt existing standards to successfully minimize hazards encountered consistent with accomplishing the depot's mission in a safe manner. Develop short-term and strategic plans for the attainment of VPP STAR as well as continued certification to OHSAS 18001 standards. Direct the safety and occupational health program through subordinate staff members who perform technical and specialists duties. Develop safety training requirements. Administer the radiation safety protocols. Develop, review, test, and manage all elements of the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) and the Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services program (OHSAS 18001) to ensure that the depot either complies with the required elements or has a corrective action plan (CAP) in place in order to comply with both safety management systems. Maintain certification in the OHSAS 18001 program and continue to lead and manage efforts to achieve the VPP STAR status. Inform, advise, and train depot personnel on the requirements of both systems. Develop methods to inform, educate, train, and increase awareness across the depot on all safety issues. Provide timely alerts and reminders to all personnel on pertinent safety issues, including weather, temperatures, and steps to take in emergency situations. Keep all personnel informed and aware of safety and occupational issues in order to ensure that safety is always at the forefront. Research, develop, implement, and manage techniques, policies, and procedures designed to track all safety incidents on the depot. Work to mitigate identified root causes and prevent future injuries or property damage. Identify trends and analyze events to ensure that repeat or similar incidents are avoided wherever possible. Work aggressively to minimize the both the number and severity of all incidents. Work to improve near miss reporting and investigation into same. Manage, coach, and lead professional safety staff comprised of six Safety and Occupational Health Specialists as well as 100 Collateral Duty Safety Officers across the depot.
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Serve as the Director, Office of Safety and Occupational Health, recognized as the Best Safety Program Garrison Level in the United States Army FY 11 and FY12, on Red River Army Depot, an Army heavy industrial installation of 18,500+ acres, 350 miles of roadway, 55 miles of railway, 400 buildings, and 6,000 employees. FY12 budget of $1.2 Billion. Develop, implement, and manage industrial safety standards, codes, and safety requirements in compliance with: 29 CFR 1910 and 1926 (OSHA), AR 385-10, , RRAD-R 385-1, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, DOD Safety and Health Standards; Force Protection; Explosives and Flammable Storage and Handling; Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation, ANSI, ASME, NFPA, HAZMAT Global Harmonization Standards and much more.

Director, Safety and Risk Management DeKalb County 2007-2010 Annual Budget: $800 Million Employees: 3,500

Development and implementation of an effective and comprehensive plan for safety and occupational health consistent with the mission of DeKalb County and supported by management (CEO) with needed staff and resources. Development and implementation of policy and procedural guidelines for safety and occupational health for DeKalb County. Development of systems and procedures/policies designed to identify cost savings and other benefits of a strong, effective safety and occupational health program. Planning, organizing, and control of a safety and occupational health program through the application of sound management principles and concepts. Formulation and execution of policy, programs and priorities for assuring safe and occupational healthful working conditions in DeKalb County. Establishment and enforcement of occupational safety and health standards. Encouragement, assistance, and monitoring of departments and divisions to assure safe and occupational healthful working conditions through grant incentives and other means. Encouragement of labor and management efforts to reduce occupational injuries and diseases arising out of employment through training. Achieve compliance with the intent of safety and occupational health legislation and related standards, orders, rules, and regulations from the local government, state government, and federal government. Inspection and identification and implementation of adjustments needed in purchase, storage, process, alteration, repair, and salvage operations to assure the inclusion of countermeasures for potential accident and illness related losses. Continuous cooperation and collaboration with program managers throughout DeKalb County responsible for functions such as personnel, supply, engineering, maintenance, budgeting, and medical services. Determination of employee and supervisor training, including curriculum development and promulgation of syllabi, to reduce or eliminate potential accident related loss and the establishment of procedures to accomplish this objective. Analysis of accident and illness data, applicable legislation, and job hazards to design appropriate education activities in order to provide appropriate courses and seminars. Compensation and accommodation of human factors that may have undesirable influences on the achievement of safety and occupational health objectives. Development and periodic implementation of disaster preparedness plans to assure the availability of emergency care services to include multiple drills and emergency plans for a variety of contingencies (weather, terrorism, etc.). Assessment, regulation, and preservation of environmental conditions to minimize adverse effects on the safety and occupational health of individuals. Inspection of the work area is necessary to identify and eliminate unsafe and unhealthful environmental conditions. Determine compliance with Federal safety and occupational health standards through an aggressive inspection regimen. Conduct root cause analysis of individual and machine performed activities which result in accidents and related loss. Development and improvement of surveillance and monitoring techniques related to hazard control and loss minimization, including isolation, guarding, and personal use of protective equipment. Promulgation and utilization of procedures for measuring, reporting, evaluating, and researching safety and occupational health data to provide for benchmarking in all areas. Measurement of techniques for determining the effectiveness of safety and occupational health effort on a continuing basis.

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Professional Experience Continued

2007 2010 Safety and Occupational Health Officer Georgia State Defense Force City Manager / City Administrator Director, Safety and Risk Management City of Rome, GA Adjunct Professor Covenant College and Georgia Highlands College Managing Litigation Paralegal / Risk Manager Shaw, Maddox, et. al., Rome, GA Safety and Occupational Health Officer United States Air Force

2003 2006 2000 2003

1997 2005

1994 2000

1987- 1994

Masters of Public Administration o Kennesaw State University, 2002 Bachelor of Science, Organizational Management o Covenant College, 2000 Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership Academy o United States Air Force, 1990 Occupational Safety and Health (240 credit hour Certificate Program) o Eastern Kentucky University, 2011 Career Program 12 Occupational Health and Safety (600 credit hour Certificate Program) o United States Department of Defense, 2011

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Relevant Coursework 29 CFR 1910 29 CFR 1926 Accident Investigation Accident Photography Action Officers Development Course Bloodborne Pathogens

ANSI Standards

Applied Fire/Safety/Protection Analysis Briefing Techniques

Aviation Accident Reporting

Aviation Safety Management

Blueprint Reading and Interpretation

Cognitive Witness Interview Techniques Confined Space Entry

Command Out-Brief

Composite Materials

Composite Risk Management

Conducting Safety Meetings & Councils

Confined Space Entry Simulator


Data Analysis

Developing Safety Office Administration

DOD Occupational Health

Electrical Safety

Electrical Standards


ESOH in Systems Engineering

Excavation, Trenching, and Soil Mechanics General Industry

Explosives Safety

Fall Arrest Systems

Findings and Recommendations

Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management Heat Trainer Exercise

Ground Accident Reporting

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Waste Facility Survey

Industrial Hygiene

Injury Prevention Through Leadership

Installation Accident Investigation PE Machinery and Machine Guarding Standards Occupational Safety and Health Administration Guide To Industrial Hygiene Principles of Ergonomics

Introduction to Ammunition

Introduction to Machinery And Machine Safeguarding Medical Aspects of Accident Investigation

Job Hazard Analysis

Legal Aspects of Safety

Manager Development Course (MDC)

Motor Vehicle and Transportation Safety

Motorpool and Maintenance Safety

Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Construction Problem Solving

Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry Psychology of Accident Prevention

Off Duty Safety

Organization and Preliminary Examination Radiation Safety

Quantitative Methods in Safety Management Research Methods and Special Problems

Radiological Health and Safety


Recordkeeping Rule Seminar

Respiratory Protection

Risk Analysis & Management

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Risk Communication

Risk Management & Preparation of SOPs

Risk Management Information Systems Security, Markings and Diagramming

Safety Awards Program

Safety Management Systems

Safety Program Management

Safety Training and Educational Strategies

Site Surveys

Strategic Safety and Controls

System Safety and Analysis

Tactical Safety

Trainer Course in Construction Noise

Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for Construction

Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for General Industry

US Army Explosives Safety Familiarization

Workers Compensation

Military Experience
1987 1994 United States Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer Safety and Occupational Health Officer Veteran, Operations Desert Storm and Provide Comfort

Military Honors
Air Force Commendation Medal Air Force Achievement Medal Joint Meritorious Unit Award Air Force Good Conduct Medal National Defense Service Medal Combat Service Medal Southwest Asia Service Medal with Bronze Star American Defense Service Medal United States Liberation of Kuwait Medal Cold War Victory Medal Overseas Service Medal United States Air Force Service Medal Honorable Service Medal Kuwaiti Liberation Medal Saudi Arabias Kuwaiti Liberation Medal Air Forc e Longevity Service Award Ribbon NCO Professional Military Education Graduation Ribbon Air Force Training Ribbon Numerous Airman and Non-Commissioned Officer awards

Safety and Risk Management Publications

Rainwater, C.S. "Could You be One of the 35,000?." Spotlight on Safety. Red River Review [Texarkana] 09 01 2013. 8. Print Rainwater, C.S. "Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, but a Nail is Gonna Hurt Ya." Spotlight on Safety. Red River Review [Texarkana] 08 01 2013. 8. Print Rainwater, C.S. "My Uncle Used to Love Me, But She Died." Spotlight on Safety. Red River Review [Texarkana] 07 01 2013, 9. Print. Rainwater, C.S. "Reflecting on the Journey." Spotlight on Safety. Red River Review [Texarkana] 05 01 2013, 9. Print. Rainwater, C.S. "Who Has Permission to Kill You?" Spotlight on Safety. Red River Review [Texarkana] 04 01 2013, 8. Print. Rainwater, C.S. "You Can Eat with False Teeth, but You Can't See with a Glass Eye." Spotlight on Safety. Red River Review [Texarkana] 02 01 2013, 6. Print. Rainwater, C.S. (2013, March). Read the instructions. Knowledge Magazine - Official Magazine of the U.S. Army, 11, 9.
Please visit me at www.chrisrainwater.com

Rainwater, C. S. (2012, May). The pain of lane splitting. Knowledge Magazine - Official Magazine of the U.S. Army, 6, 16. Amos, V. D., & Rainwater, C. S. (2000). Litigation Case Management for the Georgia Paralegal. Eau Claire: National Business Institute. Boling, W. H., & Rainwater, C. S. (1998). Medical Malpractice Defense in Georgia. Law Journal of the Georgia Defense Lawyers Association, 20(3), 161-215. Chance, S. R., & Rainwater, C. S. (2000). Georgia Medical Malpractice for the Experienced Paralegal. Eau Claire: National Business Institute. Rainwater, C. S. (1989, December). Foul Weather. Combat Crew: Strategic Air Command, XXXIX(12), 5. (Available from United States Air Force) Rainwater, C. S. (1997). Legal Research. (Available from West Georgia Regional Library System, Carrollton)

Professional Affiliations
Institute for Health and Safety Management - Certified Member American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) - Member Rotary International - Member American Society of Public Administration (ASPA) - Member

Additional Information
Language Skills: Language Spoken Written Read English Advanced Advanced Advanced Spanish Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Advanced user in most MS applications, including MS Office. Frequent public speaker advanced speaking skills

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