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(6) 1 aka = 0a sw at PO) = Lae, ae ale T= 20 aa rote tepentae ate tens gers WO soe (Non at ES aeat a Mane abot ie beach ust Eig ty ‘ntjtom tees Nay = S00 wate o Shoat me Cun ebae ‘ia te pee tse oie ator) Phapg eh re (Gem iad ple (ef Pe at =A a Le 0 ty, BTigiser iW a a #2 a A Sve Problem 117 (Te itl pasion) (@) Teng vl expen a th snd en ne rest BB) gre lao , Fa Ba i gnc eet Vn Howe ‘sn nn a the nl te non tand ie an {2 iow oma Vin yang fo teed eo ee oo eee sere oe ‘ihe other temperature, I find ee t_pyviny g Mets a rong temperate, ton oh a ee ee a ‘Seu acd vil etc, wile ora chu feu the pa ting «pa eve alee Apu the es bate (Ge ae ti aco pe, nih Et fre ea oe ‘pera aa psa ew ean th pate, Dos we “SE Tin Mates mc eh ts weakly Wen ye se se uns Seton spare Da wha cas ae Series arg Aa cus te ie cy Seana Se ean a (0 Sinem tnt? en t/t rane, hg a i Ter Pha “Tae me vem on te ind ie aly the no eprtare (Epic sort ome Vm act oo puta er i ‘SE pope rani Basal en Totwnitta (alone Nant =e are (rien se i yn ety et) Te Preate (te gly +aip- YE) av aie Ye Fm ht pti cn sn of esd aod wil te, BAD) =)~ jf, emT=P Season Sempra nt ai (4) Fie oom teas oo tad bl he hihorngene Et (7) = yee = 510 ind dingo the tO th at Ha 1 Wa ‘Bay 0a wri Sn Ho at ae onpete Oba) I} oF Se = 30% 19" a8 Jl KEK) 010m (Aa eran othe mb eg i he es a ge 81) To pl he ‘Siete du gre be oan rc aco ee = Liesl un -26) 200. {Gon casa) aby Sas Sarttsen ee 083 steen an uotane 0, 00 AL ‘Ppl showed that yee ns a eo ono as {ey ele sree mig the nea = 018 a Shs mw ae oe mi ecceens| “ 70 2) wt) “Tinie has gaa fo i dt cg ding opr ‘tre odes bea tana poate a,b a Problem 118. 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Tempe sree With no tl Te tar sis roe protean eng est tw ny ls sy emo ‘Sie tae)" Oue ce eb hag tap ate ono ‘pcg at psy op eye i, sl as Yost hod at Beat {Seat wah sere empath oe pe a tam Tae ‘eee te tgp te a Ht» ay ove jee ata Ti mona ya mano et eso ot ok om Eres ind oie hee ee Ske eng enn a eh gh ae a scaly at ‘ined beng eo 00 (A) een 7 00} Ta ones pn 0 eStats tela eels be 9000/00) = 0 eee ot Soke one may wy mee ga te war (yng Sago te ater ina ig) Pte ny on ap td ‘peal, © ao pr gm, oF 1000 cece ea (00 3) Thin sow ld ha See inatbth Sella ered a ek eta, same oly ‘ite wg a ere ioe tam t on ‘har 100 ca since tary no say my for he water Yo be exeay by dog werk Bat {ae mgs so cay pried oe ano tenes) Problem 1.30. Forte prion I ed sot uf ae a gt e plate trata stall ergh to El erm my Hager no th ep Thing wus ose th ft aoa ur yr ash ae ing sme Sing meet a se eta ot mend Ua So's age est cope ene pred ta ‘St, wo apo waa meategme Sted = yee TTED (bua sepa pet err rm te et Dae cere eres Since ceed terested SSiiyparenrueeneee ae SSeS Ree Pods pre ne f eten 0. °C per int si eat ‘ea tage fo ate re se maura dota ef ‘meta, atte mor ve rere tee em the at fa Sige "Boe Fe say Sorin th tbe egy sb ora ara ‘ey rng» npr na he ee of es Problem 131 (Attn egal le) o Pew (2) To mh dm ime in ph fn) Te on 10 Sree nag pare pars Wo-Pav =-tramjaben ei fi w= a0 “ae pw sac i 0 Jo in (e) Batts he agua ren ot rl oer Sita sO 2 ate $V ete a dae Spon av = 0,5) — Pv) ~ $0 mn te) ~ (1a (@) Byte, onau-w (6) Toca an cen ete (ed emp a eu pan ot ‘oe nas, by bing ase cr fa and ite pe Te ety hte the prs te Oe Problem 182 (Compre ) Ta Ve) ‘ye dee the PY care htt brn ee inplat pailsape [bahay ond Se sgh ocean tate tn he ae ou sgn oe ‘che basa 9 omg ute ys th vege pe aa ‘poser 10 ste wrk nto ewe weFaya-tnan a en eee rr gee of Se ae Pee Sng nenmeerner anes Problam 1.9. 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