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NURSING LAW AND ETHICS f. Committed to involvement in ethical,

legal and political issues in the
JURIS OUTLINE delivery of health care
( Atty. Aleth Joyce T. Cubacub)
Chapter 1- Overview - Use nurse process as a tool in nursing
Nursing Profession - Logical, systematic scientific problem-
- Process of constant change solving process utilized by nurses to
- Etymological perspective it comes deliver total quality health care
from the Latin word meaning NUTRIX services to patients
Nursing a. Way of thing as a nurse
- Art, a science and a social science b. Framework of interrelated activities
- Being an art, deals with skills that resulting in competent nursing care
require dexterity and proficiency c. Dynamic and cyclical in nature
- Science : systematic and well-defined d. Scientific, problem oriented approach
body of knowledge which utilizes to patient
scientific methods and procedures in
the application of nursing process NURSING CARE PLAN
- Social Science: primordial interest is a. Assessment
man whether well or sick b. Diagnosis
- It is involved in total quality patient c. Planning
care when giving the patient d. Implementation
prescribed medication or treatments e. Evaluation
- Primary focus is the individual’s
response to health related problems NURSING AND ITS ORIGIN
- Part of human civilization since time
NURSING - Origin: primeval mother who cared for
a. Promote health the sick in her family during the
b. Prevent illness primitive times
c. Restore health and - Tribal task of caring
d. To alleviate sufferings - Medieval period ( 400-1400 AD;
- Noble goal to promote the harmonious Augustinian sisters which is
or symphonic interaction between considered the first nursing order in
men and their environment the Middle ages
- Monastic orders all over the world
a. Nursing is caring - The Catholic church has influence over
b. Involves close, personal contact with nursing because of St. Thomas
the recipient of care; Aquinas’ teachings on
c. Concerned services ( humans as a. The need to preserve life
physiological, psychological and b. Need to procreate
sociological organisms) c. Need to know the truth
d. Committed to personalized services d. Need to live in society
regardless of color, creed or social or - During the Protestant period, dark age
economic status for nursing , Middle of 19th century ,
e. Committed to promoting individual, downfall of church’s influence
family , community and national - Social reforms by the 19th century ,
health goals British nurse Florence Nightingale
during the Crimean war (1854- 1856) ,
huge effect for 20th century
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- She took care of British soldiers and - Philippine Medical school December
organized a pool of nurses, educated 10, 1907
them - Philippine General Hospital School of
Nursing (1913)
ORIGIN IN THE PHILIPPINES - St. Luke’s hospital school of nursing
- Known anthropologist Dr. F Landa ( 1903)
Jocano ; found human skullcap and - St. Paul’s School of Nursing, Manila
portions of the jaw in Tabon cave in ( 1900)
Palawan - Mary Johnston Hospital School of
- Found out that there were already Nursing (1907)
people existing during the pre-historic - Ilo-ilo Mission Hospital Training School
times and reason to believe that they of nurses ( 1906)
have already used health care practice
for the sick in their caves First Nursing Law
- Superstitions ( dwende, manghihilot, - RA 2808 ; An act regulating the
mangkukulam, albolario, etc) practice of nursing profession in the
Philippines” march 01, 1919
- Many other laws up to the present RA
9173 Philippine Nursing act of 2002


- They wiped out these pagan practices
and imposed Catholic Teachings ( may Law
mabuti din palang nagawa ang - Latin , LEX, set of rules established by
Spaniards…hehehe) a governing power to guide actions,
- Hospital Real de Manila founded by regulate conduct of people and
Gov. Francisco de Sande in 1577 pero impose sanctions
hindi para sa mga Pinoy kung d para - Obligatory upon the people
sa Spanish soldiers - Ignorantia legis neminem excusat,
- Rosa Sevilla de Alvero who at the age ignorance of the law excuses no one
of 18 volunteered to nurse the sick - The law is presumed to be morally
and injured soldiers ( nightingale ng sound (even if you think it is not….)
pinas…) - They are crafted by the rulers of
- Nightingale humanitarian service presumed ethics and wisdom to guide
a. Dona HIlaria de Aguinaldo ( asawa ni the people ( kaya pala me Jose Pidal,
Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo) Fertilizer scam etc)
b. Dona Maria Agoncillo Aguinaldo ( 2nd - So in the performance of the duties of
wife of Gen Aguinaldo) the nurses, it should be presumed
c. Felicidad Aguinaldo ( sister of Gen. ethical or moral
Aguinaldo) ( mukhang it runs in the - Law is based on ethics not vice versa
blood. Puro Aguinaldo lahat ito)
d. Mechora Aquino ( alias Tandang Sora) GROUPS
e. Trinidad Tecson ( ina ng biyak na bato) a. Divine law – promulgated by the
f. Marami pang iba Creator

USA b. Human Law- by man to regulate

- Transition of the government from human relations, divided into classes:
military to civilian administration , 1. General or public law –
American doctors and nurses international law, constitutional
- The government hospital and health law, administrative law, criminal
facilities were forced to train Filipino law and religious law
women to become nurses
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2. Individual or private law ; civil law, goodness or badness of human acts in

mercantile law, procedural law the medical profession
(rules of court for lawyers)
RA 9173
BRANCHES OF LAW Philippine Nursing act of 2002 , approved
a. Constitutional law October 21, 2002
b. Criminal law
c. Civil law Two fold police for the nursing profession
d. Labor law a. state responsibility
e. Administrative law • government’s responsibility to
f. Civil service law protect and improve the nursing
g. Case law profession through the institution
- All these are germane and related to of measures for the attainment and
the nursing practice improvement of the nursing
profession through the ff measures:
ETHICS 1. relevant nursing education
- Greek, ETHOS 2. humane working conditions
- Customs or particular behavior , 3. better career prospects
etymological origin of ethics 4. dignified existence of the
- Practical science dealing with the Filipino nurse
morality of the human acts of conduct
- Guide the intellect in the acquisition b. state guarantee
and application of moral principles • government’s commitment to
- Determines which values are truly deliver quality health care service
human, that is, which actions or things by providing adequate nursing
help us fulfill truly human needs personnel through the country
whether innate or created and helps
us decide what to do when values NURSING EDUCATION
seem to be in conflict - there was a deletion of the rule on
upper 40% in high school as an
Nursing ethics admission requirement
- Division of ethics which deals with - deleted: requirement to be part of the
moral behavior or nurses in the upper 40% of the graduating class
practice of their profession - GOAL: provide a sound general and
professional foundation for the
MORALS practice of nursing , that is why there
- the human conduct in light of ethics is RLE
- CHED mandated by RA 7722 ; to
Nursing jurisprudence provide standards or minimum
- branch of law which deals with the requirements for the regulation of
nursing laws, lawsuits, liabilities, legal educational institutions offering
principles, rules and regulations, case tertiary courses
laws and doctrines affecting the
Nursing legislation a. Registered nurse in the Philippines
- process of making laws for the b. Have at least 1 year clinical practice in
protection and improvement of the a field of specialization
nursing practice c. Be a member of good standing in the
accredited professional organization of
Medical Ethics nurses
- particular science of ethics which
guides our judgment concerning the
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d. Masteral degree in nursing, education, authorization to open or permit to

or other allied medical and health actually operate a nursing school or
sciences ( college or univ recognized college
in the Philippines ) - CHED can authorize the opening or
closing of nursing schools and colleges
Additional qualifications for the dean , RA 7722 ( may 18, 1994)
a. Master’s degree in nursing Before you could open any nursing school ,
b. At least 5 years of experience in requirements:
nursing ( sec 27) a. Written recommendation of the Board
of Nursing
FIELD OF SPECIALIZATION b. Written recommendation also of PRC ,
a. Medical-surgical nursing National student affiliation committee
b. Maternal-child nursing ( NSAC) , DOH
c. Mental health psychiatric nursing c. Approval of CHED
d. Community health nursing
e. School health nursing Administration and faculty
f. Management - Mandatory full time dean and faculty
g. Teaching members
h. Research and other nursing specialties
Qualifications of the Dean
Other related fields a. Full time
a. Bio medical schiences b. Filipino Citizen
b. Parasitology c. Currently a registered nurse in the
c. Pharmacology Philippines
d. Anatomy and physiology d. Master’s degree in nursing
e. Behavioral science ( psychology, e. At least 5 years COMPETENT teaching
anthropology, sociology and and SUPERVISORY experience in
economics) colleges or institutes of nursing
f. Education ( management, public f. Active member of good standing of the
health) Association of Deans of Philippines
Colleges of Nursing ( ADPCN) and
Good standing accredited national nurses association
- Current member and active in the
local and national affairs of the FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF DEAN
philippine nurses’ association ( PNA) a. Assist the administrators to attain
institutional goals
Section 31 b. Initiate curriculum development
- The specialty nurse clinicians in the programs
country are recognized c. Implement faculty development
- Critical care, oncology , renal and programs
other areas as may be determined by d. Recommend faculty appointment,
the board promotion and tenure including leave
and non-reappointment
Commission on Higher Education circular no e. Approve faculty teaching load
30, series of 2001 f. Oversee faculty’s academic
- Deals with The qualifications of faculty advisement of the student
members and deans g. Collaborate with student services ,
- Updated polices and standards for admission policies and referrals based
nursing education on established criteria
h. Ensure adherence to established
Nursing schools and colleges standards of instruction
- CHED Memo No. 30, August 24, 2001 i. Ascertain that requirements for
rules and regulations for the graduation are complied with
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j. Represent the school g. Nursing school must have a faculty

k. Collaborate with health services and manual containing information and
other academic units policies on all matters pertaining to
- Must have academic preparation LIBRARY FACILITIES AND STANDARDS
a. Filipino citizen - Necessary to have library resources
b. Current registered nurse in the available for general education and
c. Master’s degree in the major filed or - There must be scholarship programs
allied subjects ( nursing ,education, and research
medical or health sciences ) - Quality and quantity of books
d. At least 3 years experience of clinical
practice in the field of specialization
e. Member in good standing of
accredited national nursing
association LIBRARY STAFF
- Minimum library staff requirements
TEACHING LOADS a. Full time REGISTERED librarian
a. Dean is not allowed to have more than • Graduate of BS in Library science
6 units of lecture in a semester • 3 years experience in library work
b. Full time faculty members are allowed b. Ratio of library staff to the students
; regular teaching load 15-24 units per must abide by the rules
semester ; one hour of RLE equivalent • First 500 students =1 full time
to 1 unit credit) librarian , 3 full time support staff
c. Government employees – part time
• Every additional 1,000 students or
a major fraction = add one full time
• Secure permit from the employer librarian
and may be given a maximum
teaching load of 9 units LIBRARY HOLDINGS
d. Part time faculty members employed - Minimum requirements
full time elsewhere , teaching load a. Sufficient or adequate to the needs
NOT more than 9 units in all schools in b. Serials , pamphlets and electronic
which he / she teaches !!! resources
c. Up to date and relevant
EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS/ CONDITIONS d. Maximum of 5 copies of frequently
a. Faculty members are given or used materials
assigned with academic ranks e. Provision of at least one copy for every
• Academic trainings and clinical 25 students for the reserve books
expertise f. May acquire CD ROMs and online
• Salaries commensurate to their database to replace one or more of
ranks the library requirements
b. Full time faculty members ( class and • Depending on the number of full
RLE) text titles/ volumes contained
c. Faculty development program therein
d. In-service and continuing training • Internet services
programs • Core periodical collection of current
e. Clinical skills enhancement
and relevant titles ( local and
• Two weeks at least , in a year foreign)
f. Vacancy; substitute or replacement
must have similar or higher CMO no 30
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a. If enrollment less than 1,000 students CLINICAL FACILITIES AND RESOURCES FOR
= 50 periodicals RLE
b. 1,001 – 3,000 students = 75 - Clinical facilities and resources for RLE
periodicals a. Lying in
c. If over 3,000= 1,000 periodicals b. Schools and structural establishment
d. There must be an extensive Filipiniana c. Community agencies
collection d. Outpatient clinics
e. Current Filipiniana titles , separate this e. General and specialty hospitals
from the General section
f. Apply a weeding program ( remove Minimum requirements of the hospitals for
the obsolete and outdated articles ) , RLE
must be relevant and up to date a. Hospital should be independently
owned or operated by the institution
LIBRARY QUARTERS • Or utilized by the college according
a. Adequate space for housing the library to an agreement
collection b. Minimum of 100 beds and min bed
b. Accessible to all occupancy of 80%
c. Attractive, safe and suitable space for • Accredited by the DOH, bureau of
workroom licensing and regulation
d. Offices and lounge c. Conducive environment , coordination
e. Size of library must be proportionate and cooperation
to size of population d. Staffing must be qualified professional
f. Adequately lighted and non-professional personnel
g. Properly ventilated e. Adequate physical facilities, supplies
h. Open and accessible even beyond and equipment for effective nursing
class hours care and students learning
RESEARCH AND LABORATORY FACILITIES f. Community health agencies used for
- Improve and advance nursing care , RLE
educational management and other 1. Conference room
aspects of nursing program 2. Library
- Promote utilization of research findings 3. Comfort room
- There must be a budget for this 4. Dressing room
- Comply with rules and policies for 5. Lounge
laboratories 6. Locker
a. Adequate space g. Faculty and nursing personnel of the
b. Adequate instrument and equipment affiliation agency must work together
c. Hospital setting in the planning, implementation and
d. At least 2 doors, one for entrance and evaluation of RLE
one for exit
e. Fire extinguisher near the door ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS
- College has the right to impose
Nursing skills laboratory minimum requirements for admission
a. Classroom that can accommodate - CMO 30 advises
maximum of 48-50 students at one a. Upper 40% is already deleted
time b. There must be well-defined admission,
b. Must be like amphitheatre in style promotion and retention policies
c. There must be a demonstration room published and made known to the
• One bed for 8 students at one students
given time c. Admission quota – depending on the
• Complete equipments and supplies capacity of the nursing school and
they should provide the ff:
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1. Qualified faculty c. Community health development

2. Teaching and RLE d. Nursing management and leadership
3. Resources of the base hospital e. RLE
d. CHED will monitor periodically f. Nursing management and leadership


- College should undergo accreditation - Curricular requirement
preferably within 5 years after - Develop competencies and skills in the
recognition utilization of the nursing processes in
a. Outright closure – if performance in varying health situations
the 3 board examinations within a - 51 hours of RLE for every 1 unit of
period of 5 years is 3% below subjects requiring RLE
b. Gradual phase out- if 4% to 10%; - Conditions:
sanctions if only 10% and bleow of its a. Close correlations of theoretical
total examinees will pass for three knowledge to related learning
board examinations within a period of experience
5 years b. Classroom and RLE must be a
continuing process , faculty teaching
CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTIONAL in classroom must continue to teach
- BSN curriculum implemented through c. According to objectives set for the
Department order no, 42, series of course
1976, july 7, 1976 d. Faculty compensation based on:
- This declared the phasing out of old • 1 hour RLE = 1 lecture hour
Graduate nurse ( GN) and
implementation of the degree Factors to consider in RLE
- The curriculum should produce: a. Background knowledge and capacity
a. Nurse who possesses caring behavior of the learner
b. Practices legal, ethico-moral and social b. Size and number of learning resources
responsibilities c. Adequate number of qualified nursing
c. Demonstrates critical and creative and other personnel
thinking d. Evidence of quality nursing care
d. Practices skills , knowledge and services
attitudes e. Compliance with the required
equivalence of 51 hours to one unit
- Only colleges and universities given a f. Ration of student to clientele depends
level III accreditation by CHED are upon the objectives and the capacity
authorized to make modifications or of the student
revisions in the BSN curriculum
- CHED Memo order no 09, series of INSTRUCTIONAL STANDARDS
2000 ; guidelines to be followed in the a. Professional nursing subjects should
admission of professional entering the observe strictly the pre-requisite
nursing program requirements and sequences
CMO 9 b. Credit for completion of course, based
- There must be total of 37 units of on fulfillment of curricular
nursing subjects requirements
- And 1,887 hours of RLE in the nursing c. Ratio of faculty to student in
subjects, to wit : laboratory 1:25 and in classroom 1:50
a. Nursing care management ( naku) !!!
( foundation of nursing) d. Systematic and continuing plan of
b. Preventive and promotive nursing care evaluation of student progress
management e. Evaluation of teaching performance
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f. Regular academic audit of • Unwritten latitude by the PRC on

instructional resources recommendees from list of
- You should have taken your senior QUALIFICATIONS OF CHAIR AND MEMBERS
year in the college or school which - They must have this at the time of
would confer your degree ( residency their appointment
rule) a. Be a natural born citizen and resident
- All graduating students should be of the Philippines
assessed and evaluated b. Member in good standing of
accredited professional organization of
- RA 7164 Philippine Nursing act of 1991 c. Registered nurse
great accomplishment of professional • Holder of masteral degree in
nursing nursing , education or other allied
- passed 38 years after enactment of medical profession conferred by a
7164 , approved by Cory Aquino recognized university
- October 21, 2002, Pres. GMA RA 9173 • Chair and majority of members
MUST be holders of master’s
SIX MAIN FEATURES degree in nursing
a. Organization of the board of nursing d. At least 10 years of continuous
b. Examination and registration practice of profession
c. Nursing education e. Not have been convicted of any
d. Nursing practice offense involving moral turpitude
e. Health human resource , production ,
• Even if previously pardoned by the
utilization and development
f. Penal and miscellaneous provisions
New law; two fold policy
a. Upon appointment, to immediately
a. State responsibility to protect and
resign from any teaching position in
promote the nursing profession
any school, college or university or
b. State’s commitment to deliver health
other review program for local nursing
• Also in any office or employment in
a. 1 chairperson and 6 members to be government
appointed by the President • Or subdivision or agency of
• From the list of 2 recommendees government
for every vacancy , recommended • Also in private sector
by PRC b. Not have any pecuniary interest /
• 3 nominees per vacancy , administrative supervision in any
nominated by accredited institution offering BSN including
professional organization ( PNA) review classes
b. They are guided by Executive Order no c. Even after 1 year from resignation or
496 retirement! Di rin pwede.
• Instituting procedures and criteria
fo rhte selection and
- term of office 3 years
recommendation of nominees for
- in case of vacancy, only the unexpired
the appointment for vacant
term but not more than 3 years
positions in the PRC
- must take an oath prior to assumption
of office
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Compensation • They don’t have to seek approval

- Board: at least 2 salary grades lower from the courts to issue this
than the salary of the commissioners f. Promulgate the code of ethics in
- Chair: 2 steps higher than the coordination and consultation with the
members of the board PNA within 1 year from the effectivity
- They are entitled to benefits and of this act
privileges given to them by law g. Recognize nursing specialty
organization with PNA
PRC h. Prescribe, adopt issue and promulgate
- Custodian of all records of the PRBON guidelines , regulations, measures and
a. Application for examination decisions as may be necessary for the
b. Examination papers and results improvement of nursing practice
c. Meetings of the board i. Submit annual report to the President
d. Administrative records of the Philippines through the
e. Records of adm. Cases and Commission
investigations • Proceedings
f. Other cases • Accomplishments
- Mandated to provide the Secretariat
• Recommendations
and other support services
j. Initiate, undertake and conduct
- PRC designates the secretary of the
studies on health human resources
production, utilization and
development ( with government
a. Reportorial responsibility
k. Formulate and develop a
b. Research duty for human resource
comprehensive nursing specialty
program that would upgrade the level
c. Policy duty for comprehensive nursing
of skill and competence of specialty
specialty program
nurse clinicians
d. Policy and public relations duty to
• Critical care
establish incentives and benefits
system for nurses • Oncology
• Renal
They are also to: • Other areas as determined by the
a. Conduct the licensure examination for board
nurses l. Establish an incentive and benefit
b. Issue, suspend or revoke the system
certificates of registration for the 1. Hospital care for nurses and their
practice of nursing dependents
c. Monitor and enforce quality standards 2. Scholarship grants
of nursing 3. Other non cash benefits
• Exercise powers necessary to
maintain efficient, ethical , moral IRR ( implementing rules and
and professional standards regulations ) No. 7164
d. Ensure quality nursing education - Enumerates the fields of specialization
• Examine colleges and universities a. Medical –surgical nursing
e. Conduct hearings and investigations – b. Maternal-child nursing
nurse practictitioners c. Mental health psychiatric nursing
• Subpoena ad testificandum – to d. Community health nursing
testify in a hearing e. School health nursing
f. Management
• Subpoena duces tecum – produce
g. Teaching
h. Research
i. And others
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g. Provide schools copies of sample test

PRC BON Resolution no 14, 1990 questions on examinations recently
- Adoption of nursing specialty conducted
certification Program and creation of a h. Impose sanctions for violations
nursing specialty certification council (
- Must be present at the time of
Removal or suspension of board members application
- Comply with due process ( notice and a. Filipino citizen
hearing) • Or foreigner but there is
- Grounds: RECIPROCITY clause
a. Continued neglect of duty or g. Good moral character
incompetence h. BSN in a college or university
b. Commission or tolerance of recognized
irregularities in the licensure
examination What to bring :
c. Unprofessional, immoral or - To prevent fraud and to determine
dishonorable conduct identity
- President of the Philippines has a. Personal appearance by the applicant
disciplining authority over the chair b. Possess all documents
person and members being her 1. TOR with the special order from
appointees CHED
- Power to appoint carries with it the 2. Original certificate of live birth or
power to remove! authenticated copy by the NSO
3. Marriage contract in case married
LICENSURE EXAM female applicants
- PRC will determine 4. 4 pcs of passport size colored
- Twice a year picture with complete name and
• First week of months of june and tag with white background
December 5. Current cedula ( community tax
• Regional Venues shall be cert)
determined by the PRC 6. Others documents
• Regional office may request PRC to 7. Proof of good moral character
designate a venue , provided • Sworn affidavit or certification by
applicants there are not less than duly licensed nurse
PRC - Areas
a. To administer and conduct the exams a. Nursing care of individuals , families ,
b. Use publicly or privately owned communities etc in accordance with 4
buildings and facilities major nursing goals
c. Conduct more than 1 licensure exams b. Nursing process and communication
in a year, provided at least one should skills
be held on weekdays c. Identification of common nursing
d. Require completion of refresher course problems
• Failed to pass three times d. Leadership and beginning skills in
• Except when otherwise provided by management
the law e. Beginning skills in nursing research ,
e. Preserve integrity of the exams therapeutics , nutrition, and diet
f. Publish the results therapy
f. Microbiology
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Ratings a. adultery
- 75% passing mark with a rating not b. bigamy
below 60% in any subject c. blackmail
- If you get a subject below 60% you d. bribery
should get at least 75% in the e. criminal conspiracy
repeated subject ( retake) f. smuggling of opium
- The new nursing law deleted the g. embezzlement
refresher course requirement h. estafa
( unlimited number of takes) i. extortion
j. fabrication or evidence
Oath taking is mandatory k. foregery
- So you could get your certificate of l. libel
registration/ professional license and m. murder
your professional identification card n. perjury
- This will be renewed every3 years o. seduction under promise of marriage
( PRC License)
- For renewal you need 60 units of CPE Immoral and dishonorable conduct
(continuing professional education ) - contrary to standards of moral conduct
- But the CPE has been temporarily - whether illegal or not
suspended - morality is subjective


- Give certificate to foreign nurses cert of registration
provided a. causes mentioned in Sec 22
a. The requirements for registration or b. unprofessional and unethical conduct
licensing of nurses in said country are c. gross incompetence or serious
substantially the same as prescribed ignorance
in the law d. malpractice or negligence in the
b. Laws of such state or country grant practice of nursing
the same privileges to the Filipino e. use of fraud, deceit or false
nurses statements in obtaining a certificate of
Special or temporary permit f. practice of nursing while under
a. Licensed nurses from foreign states suspension , provided not more than 4
whose services are either for a fee or years suspension in the certificate of
internationally known specialists or registration
outstanding experts in any branch or • the certificate may be issued by
specialty of nursing the board after expiration of 4
b. Licenses nurses from foreign countries years from the date of revocation
on medical mission or suspension for equity and justice
c. Employed in schools or colleges as
exchange professors Nursing practice
- Cannot be issued special or temporary a. perform nursing services
permit when CONVICTED of final • singly or collaboratively
judgment of any criminal offense • individuals, families , communities
involving moral turpitude or found in any health care setting
guilty of immoral conduct or b. nursing care
dishonorable conduct or unsound mind c. nursing action as independent
- Guilt beyond reasonable doubt ! practitioners
d. collaborative work with other health
MORAL TURPITUDE care professional
- act done contrary to justice, honesty,
modesty or good morals
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duties of nurses and internal examination during labor

a. provide nursing care through utilizing and delivery also on suturing of
nursing process perineal lacerations
b. establish linkages with community - sec 28 RA 9173 authorizes you to do
resources this
c. health education varied settings - skilled and competent
d. consultation services
e. as long you utilize knowledge and NURSING SERVICE ADMINISTRATORS
decision making skills of nurses a. registered nurse in the Philippines
f. undertake nursing and health human b. have at least 2 years experience in
resource development training and general nursing service administration
research c. possess a degree of BSN with at least
• development of nursing practice 9 units in management and
administration courses at the graduate
Inactive nurses level
- not actively practice profession for 5 d. be a member of good standing of the
CONSECUTIVE years accredited professional organization of
- to go back , you need 1 months nurses
didactic training and 3 months e. But if chief nurse additional
practicum in hospital accredited by 1. At least 5 years experience in
the board supervisory or managerial position
2. Masters degree major in nursing
ADVANCED NURSING PRACTICE 3. If military hospital = completed
- mandatory trainings necessary general staff course
a. internal examination during labor and
b. suturing of perineal lacerations - Fine not less than 50,000 not more
c. intravenous therapy than 100,000 AND/ OR imprisonment
of not less than 1 year not more than
NSCC 6 years
- specialty certification is a process of a. Practicing nursing :
validating the qualifications of nurse 1. Without a certificate of registration
clinician nursing care and linking or professional licensed card or
resources and research to optimize temporary permit
outcomes from patients , families and 2. Uses the certificate or card of
health care providers another
Specialty 3. Uses invalid or revoked or
a. community health nursing specialty suspended card
b. medical surgical nursing specialty 4. Gives false evidence to the board
c. mother and child nursing specialty in order to get certificate or card
d. mental health 5. Falsely poses or advertises as a
e. psychiatric nursing specialty registered and licensed nurse or
- specialty certifications is valid for the uses any other means that tend to
period of 5 years from the date of convey the impression that you are
issuance a registered nurse
- renewable within 30 days before its 6. Who appends or adds in the name
expiration RN or BSN
o Or any similar appendage
Recommended standards for parenteral but not conferred
medications 7. Abets or assists the illegal practice
- the law authorizes the registered of a person not qualified to practice
nurse to administer a written nursing
prescription for parenteral medication
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b. Any person, chief executive officer of a management course at the

juridical entity violating the RA graduate level
c. Any person, or employer of a nurse d. Other qualifications
who violate the minimum base pay for • Personal qualities like physical and
nurses and incentives and benefits mental fitness
d. Any person or chief executive officer • Professional competency and
of juridical entity violating the administrative competency
provision of this act • Standards performance in
planning, budgeting , organizing
Enforcement of RA 9173 etc
- PRC and PRBON Functions of administrator
- You can request for assistance from a. Planning / budgeting
NBI, DOJ etc b. Organizing
c. Directing/ supervising
Public health nurse d. Controlling
- You can be
a. Public health nurse I and II Assistant nursing administrator
b. Supervising public health nurse / nurse - Mandatory in hospitals
c. Nurse instructor II Nurse supervisor/ coordinator
d. Regional training nurse a. Registered nurse
e. Regional nurse supervisor / regional b. 9 units in graduate level
public health nurse c. 3 year experience as a senior nurse /
f. Nurse program supervisor head nurse
g. Chief nurse d. Personal qualities
h. Assistant chief nurse e. Continuing appraisal
i. Occupational health nurse
j. Occupational health nurse supervisor 1. Planning
2. Implementing
- Resolution no 82 dated September 30, SENIOR/ HEAD NURSE
1998 * PRC and BON) Manual of standards of safe nursing practice
- Standards of safe nursing practice a. Registered nurse
Nursing personnel b. BSN degree with 9 units in nursing
a. Nursing administrator administration
b. Assistant nursing administrator c. 2 years of experience as a nurse
c. Nurse supervisor / coordinator
d. Senior nurse / head nurse STAFF nurse/ clinic nurse / school nurse
e. Staff nurse / clinic nurse/ school nurse a. Registered nurse
b. BSN degree
c. Other personal qualities
a. Registered nurse CLINICAL LADDER
b. Masters degree in nursing a. Novice
administration b. Advance beginner
c. 5 years nursing supervisory or c. Competent
administrative position d. Proficient
• If 50 bed capacity , only 2 years e. Expert
experience in general nursing
service administration and BSN Competencies and skills
degree with at least 9 units of a. Skill development
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b. Leadership
c. Confidence
d. Innovativeness and creativeness
e. Analysis and planning

Study RA 9173 provisions also

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