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Pay Slip for the Month Oct 2008

Employee Name Employee Number Department/Program Bank A/c No Employee_Name Emp_No Department Bank_Ac_No Earnings Emoluments Basic HRA Medical Reimbursement Special Allowance Conveyance Allowance Fuel Allowance Telephone Allowance Uniform Allowance Childrens Edu Allowance LTA Loyalty Bonus Amount(Rs.) Basic HRA Medi_Per_month Special_Allow Transport Fuel_Per_Mon Telep_Per_month Uniform_per_motn Chil_per_mon LTA Loyalty_Bonus PF Professional Tax Income Tax Home Loan Vehicle Loan Designation Date of Joining Days Paid LOP Days Designation DOJ Days_Paid LOP_Days Deductions Common Deductions Amount(Rs.) PF_per_mon Professional_Tax Income_Tax Home_Loans Vehicle_Loan

Gross Pay(A) Net Pay(A)-(B)

Gross_PayEarnings Net_Pay

Total Deductions (B)


Leave A/c // Leave Type Opening Balance Leave Taken Closing Balance Place:

CL oCasual_leave tCasual_leave cCasual_leave

SL oSick_leave tSick_leave cSick_leave

EL oEarned_leave tEarned_leave cEarned_leave Date:

This is a computer generated slip and does not require signature. Note: Tax has been deducted tentatively, after considering the maximum limit of tax saving investments