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Name: ________________________________ Journal Entry Rubric Part 1: Formatting (required elements) Is the journal entry: 1.

1 typed, double spaced, page in length? Yes / No 2. Formatted correctly including: 12 pt. TNR font? Yes / No proper spacing (single spaced heading, double spaced body)? Yes / No correct heading and header? Yes / No creative title (centered, bold)? Yes / No

3. free of grammatical errors (unless slang is necessary to add realism)? Yes / No 4. proofread carefully for errors in spelling and punctuation? Yes / No Part 2: Creativity (The goal should be to include as many of these elements as possible, however they are not required to all be included). Does the journal entry contain: 1. adjectives or descriptive language? Yes / No 2. comparisons to animals, plants, objects (similes/metaphors)? Yes / No 3. an example from the authors personal experience that relates to the prompt? Yes / No 4. external quotes/dialogue can be in the form of song lyrics, lines from a favorite poem, something someone has once said to the main character in the piece, a brief passage from a book or other text, etc. Yes / No Based on the amount of Nos circled, what can the author do to make this piece stronger? Be specific.

Do you have any specific suggestions to really make this piece really shine?