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Personification Page 189: The Princes cries of Batcheat! Brought walls and towers tumbling down.

Page 199: The moustache on his upper lip twitching feverishly in what could easily have been anger

Simile Page 184: Whose menacing silence hung over it like a fog Page 189: received the sunlight like a mortal wound. Page 190: It was like the fall of a mountain. Page 199: Egg-shaped head shining as brightly as the furniture Page 210: They stayed frozen like statues in the pouring rain with their mouths hanging open

Puns Page 200: Just our little yolk. Little yolk Page 205: Who's the one for you, not one Buttoo! Metaphors Page 183: Bolo went red in the face Page 193: Golden Voice Page 197: Not worth the candle Page 198: You are on the carpet Page 198: Face the music alone

Chapter 11: The good always triumph over the evil

Chapter 12: Good things always come to an end

The Foolishness of War Two armies go to war for foolish reasons: 1)In order to protect their noses from freezing over, each soldier puts on a small nose-warmer that looks like a clown nose. 2)The foolishness comes to light when it is learned that the Chupwalas fight only because they are afraid not to do so. 3)This war, therefore, has nothing to do with bravery, courage, or honour.

Expect the unexpected The ambassador sent by Khattam-Shud was supposed to perform for the Gups but instead tried to kill them.

This is also an allusion to the concept of suicide bombers in real life. Suicide bombing is a major terrorism issue in Middle Eastern countries.

Control through Language

Khattam-Shud has gained control over the Chupwalas by polluting the stories they tell and the language they use.
Without language, the people become silent and are then able to be controlled.

Batcheat determined Page 186 ...she sings?... and her song

Ambassador patriotic, willing to die for Chup, Page 183

Prince Bolo rash and proud Rash: Page 180, Proud: Page183

General Kitab clear-headed ,does not treat ambassador bad, Page180

Blabbermouth quick-witted, brave Page 182 Mudra kind, Page 183

Iff, Mali, Butt deceitful, the whole act of the Walrus, Page 197, 198 Walrus tricky, humorous, Page 199, 200 Sensitive, Page 201