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Lesson 37 Using nouns that are plural in form but singular in meaning I.

Learning Objective Use nouns that are plural in form but singular in meaning Give the main idea of a selection listened to Spell nouns that are plural in form but singular in meaning Values: Patience II. Subject Matter A. Topic: B. References: Using Nouns That are Plural in Form but Singular in Meaning PELC II 5.1/PELC 6 p. 23 Growing in English 6 (Language pp. 87-91) Mastering Communication Skills 6 pp. 120-121 Horizon Near and Far 5 p. 121 English for Grade 6 p. 96 sentence strips, chart, pictures, flashcards, manila paper, pentel pen, show-me card Working Well with Others,

C. Materials: III.

Learning Activities A. Preparatory Activities 1. Pronunciation Drill (in form of game) The class will be divided into four groups. Ask them to pronounce the given nouns with correct pronunciation. The best group will receive prize.

/z/ winds cars leaves trains birds sirens newsboys airplanes peddlers sounds babies
2. Review

/s/ brook s pets roofs belief s cats

Work in pairs. Read the limerick. Select all the nouns and write their plural form. a. There was an old man on the border who lived in the utmost disorder He danced with the cat and made tea in his hat which vexed all the folks on the border. b. A chick and rooster whom I happened to hear was complaining sadly Oh dear, our picnic is today, but the weatherman say, The sky will be sunny and clear. 3. Motivation Let the pupils sing the song Learning Mathematics is Really Fun. How many like and enjoy Mathematics? Why? Who believe that Math is easy? Difficult? Why is this subject necessary in our day-to-day activities? B. Presentation 1. Show a picture of a boy talking in front of the class. This is Francis of Marbel Elementary School. Listen as your classmate delivers a portion of Francis talk. Be able to tell what the main idea is. How did I develop such wonderful and speedy computational skills? I believe its a matter of deep interest and constant correct practice. Even before I went to school, Father would teach me how to work with numbers patiently. Then now, I usually do extra exercises in other books aside from my assignments. I dont miss the mathematics portion of the newspapers of magazine. Well, I think I have the best teachers at home; Father is an aeronautics; Mother is a Mathematics teacher; and my eldest brother is a computer analyst. In school, Mr. Lim, my

teacher and coach has taught me how to develop concentrations in analyzing problems and solving them. a. What is the main idea of Francis talk? b. Did you learn something from his talk? c. What can you do to improve your skills in Mathematics? d. Display these sentences (in sentence strips) and focus pupils attention to the underlined nouns.

Mathematics is an interesting The news makes us

2. Analysis and Discussion Let the pupils read the sentences: How do both underlined nouns end? Explain to pupils that plural nouns usually end in s or es. The nouns Mathematics and news are only two of the few nouns that are plural in form (s/es form) but singular in meaning. Notice the verbs after Mathematics and news. What verb form in the present tense is used to these nouns? Is and makes are in the present tense and singular in number. Is is the present form, third person and singular in number of the verb BE and makes of the verb make. Show more of these nouns (on flashcards) and let them read each word pronouncing the s ending correctly as /s/ or /z/

Brainstorm on each word. What are you reminded of if you come across the word acrobatics? Aeronautics?

acrobatics Philippines tonsillitis Netherlands measles

civics athletics Ethics United Nations

aeronautics Physics The politics

3. Fixing Skills Show some pictures of nouns ending in s or es, but they are singular in meaning and ask the pupils to tell something about each picture. Encourage them to make the noun the subject for their sentences. For example: Acrobatics develops flexible bodies, arms and legs. 4. Generalization Do all plural nouns ending in s or es mean also plural? How does this noun agree with the verb in the present tense that is used with it? 5. Valuing How much work can be done if all work cooperatively? What value did you learn from Francis talk which we need to practice? 6. Practice exercises a. Say WOW Correct if the given noun is plural in form but singular in meaning and WOW, WOW if it is not. 1. measles 6. Tongs 2. scissors 7. Pliers 3. gymnastics 8. Linguistics 4. pants 9. Stairs 5. physics 10. Economics b. Divide the class into four. Give each group manila paper. Each will underline the correct nouns that are plural in form but singular in meaning. The first group to post on the board receives the most recognition. 1. (Measles, Measle) is a common illness among seven-year-old children and below. 2. (Economics, Economic) is Alfreds best-liked subject

3. Is the (new, news) important to know? 4. (Physic, Physics) is a difficult subject. 5. The (Netherland, Netherlands) is having a serious problem on population. c. Choose the correct verb form. 1. Ethics (is, are) the study of right and wrong. 2. Aeronautics (interest, interests) my brother a lot. 3. A series of lecture and demonstration on waste management (is, are) the top project of the Science Adventure Club. 4. Civics (deal, deals) with good citizenship. 5. The United States (is, are) one of the richest countries in the world. d. Spell the following nouns correctly and use them in meaningful sentences. (Use show-me card) 1. measles 2. news 3. Mathematics 4. acrobatics 5. Civics IV. Evaluation A. Match Column A with Column B

Column A 1. It is good for the body. 2. _______ is for sociable people. 3. ________ is a very uncomfortable disease. 4. It is my friends favorite game. 5. _______ is interesting if you
B. Write the correct spelling of the following nouns. 1. tonsillitis 2. Philippines 3. calisthenics 4. Physics 5. measles Assignment Use the following nouns in good sentences. 1. Economics 2. news 3. United States 4. Civics 5. electronics

Column B a. mumps b. billiards c. athletics d. Mathematics e. politics