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Modelling (memperagakan) : teacher gives example to the students about how to do something. An example is needed to be shown to the students.

T: Good morning, students. How are you? S: I am fine. T: Oke, we will learn about shopping in the market. Now please take a look at the white board. T: there are at least two people that will be involved in shopping activity: buyer and seller. T: Write the vocabularies! T: Pronounce the vocabulary together. And give the meanings (bahasa Indonesia). Stessing and intonation. T: Modelling.

Soal Buyer: Excuse me, I am looking for T-Shirt. Seller: Oh, we have many T-Shirts here. What color of T-Shirt are you looking for? Buyer: I want the yellow one. Sell: Oke, follow me, please. Buyer: I think this one is suitable for me, but it looks bigger for me. Seller: How about this one. It fits you very much. Buyer: Yes, it is. I will try it on. Any way where is the fitting room? Seller: It is over there. Buyer: How much does it cost? Seller : Rp 50.000. Buyer: It is so expensive. Can you give me a lower price? Seller : No, it is the fix price. Buyer: Oke. Here is the money. Seller : Here is the change. Thank you for shopping here.

Buyer: You are welcome.