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Wax contouring (Festooning) waxing up

It is the process of carving the denture base to simulate the contour of the natural tissues that are being replaced by the denture.

1. To produce a pleasing natural appearance. 2. To aid in retention and stability. Retention depends on Anatomical factors Physical factors Mechanical factors

Position of posterior teeth Ridge form Shape of the palatal vault Occlusal plane.

Swenson's rules in waxing up procedure.

Natural appearance of the contours of all surfaces of the denture. The peripheral outlines and borders should be reproduced Buccal and labial contours should be concave. Considerable thickness of linqual flanges Considerable thickness of the palate Care should be given to the rugae area Stippling Advantages Disadvantages

Procedure of waxing up
The casts removed from the articulator and cleaned. Strip of wax placed from the gingival third to of the teeth the peripheral border buccally and linqually. Carving the gingival margin should be carried with a kinfe at 45 angle to the cervix. The surface of the wax is rubber with a piece of moist gauze for polishing. Teeth cleaned with wax solvent. The trial denture is replaced on the articulator to check the occlusion.

Shape of the polished denture surface Maxillary denture Mandibular denture