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My classmate did accurately identify the claim in this article.

The lower approval numbers are going to make re-election more difficult. The use of the polls from different states would have given more proof of the claim, and should have been included in the essay. I feel re-election will be difficult if the disapproval numbers continue to increase. It has been shown in the past a 50 percent approval is required for re-election. I think my classmate may want to do a little more research on the topic before writing about re-election. It is important to know what is considered a swing state in order for the article to make sense. Further research on how the polls are conducted would also help clarify some confusion about the article. I think my classmates judgment was wrong about the authors bias and trustworthiness. I clicked on the authors name to get a link to his background. I found out he was the digital correspondent for ABC News covering the White House. I would consider him to be an expert on the topic. I used a general approach to this feedback. I tried to be positive and suggest solutions to the problems I found with the essay.