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I listened to the speech Mary Fishers gave at the 1992 Republic National Convention.

In her speech, she made a plea to all Americans to wake up to the reality of the AIDS epidemic. I believe that Mary Fisher attempted to avoid bias in her speech by explaining that the AIDS epidemic was not a political, racial, age, religious or, gender issue. I think she did not try to scapegoat the audience because she informed them that we cannot hide in our stereotypes. Ms. Fisher used the scare tactic fallacies in her speech by stating that AIDS is a present danger. She stated that, it wont be the third for long, because unlike other diseases, this one travels (Fisher, 1992. Ms. Fisher also used alliteration to inform the audience that her father has pursed healing of the nations and accept no less for his daughter. Ms. Fisher argued that the AIDS epidemic could not continue to be ignored. AIDS did not care about a persons political preference, gender, age, gender, religion, or race. She argued that we must not be ignorant to who contracted the deadly disease. Ms. Fisher stated that AIDS affected everyone. She went on to state that she had the support of her family. Ms. Fisher counter argued that not all victims of AIDS had the support of their families. She explained that Americans are ignorant to the disease and some still attribute the disease to a persons background. I believe Mary Fischers argument was effective. She stated that AIDS does not discriminate against any person based on politics, gender, race, age or religion. She explained that no one is immune from the disease. Ms. Fisher used statistics and facts regarding AIDS to further support the argument that it could and does affect everyone. I believe that her counterargument was also effective. She stated that there are people that want to ignore the reality of AIDS and that there are victims that have no one to lean on for support. I feel that her speech made an eloquent plea

to ask her audience to stand up and pay attention. I also believe that her message is still effective 20 years later.

Reference Fisher, Mary. (1992). 1992 Republic National Convention Address: A Whisper of AIDS [Video file]. Retrieved from: www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/maryfisher1992rnc.html