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I asked my wife to complete the Appendix D table.

We both think that Christian Americans are women who go to work, not oppressive to women, immodest dress, secular content in education, governed by Biblical law, political environment open to both sexes, feminist, socially compliant, and flexible moral values. We both think Muslim and Arab Americas are oppressive to women, women as homemakers, patriarchal society, religious content in education, governed by the Quran, violent, socially oppressed, sexist and strict moral values. My wife listed more similarities between the two groups while I listed more differences. I listed descriptors such as good neighbors, well educated, conservative political values, religious values perpetuated in politics, peaceable, and socially inclusive under the Christian Americans column. In addition, I placed descriptors such as fanatically religious, male dominated political environment, and socially exclusionary under Muslim and Arab American column. We believe both groups are family oriented and devout. I think both groups are law abiding, moderate political values, religion part of government, and moderate moral value. My wife thinks both groups are good neighbors, well educated, undereducated, fanatically religious, religious perpetuated in politics, peaceable, socially exclusionary, and socially inclusive. I believe that Muslims are governed by the Quran and are modestly dressed. I do not believe all Muslim and Arab Americans are violent. I do feel Christian Americans are more flexible with moral values and socially compliant. I do not believe that all Christian Americans are feminists. I think the average Americans perceptions are created by their upbringing and influenced by news media. I believe we are influenced by our parents view as children. I think as we grow up and become more independent views evolve. We learn about life outside of the family and start rethink our perceptions by learning about other cultures and meeting people of different backgrounds. I also believe the media influences our perceptions of each group. I believe

media reports portray groups in a negative light. From this, I think people form generalizations about an entire group. We need to remember that a few bad apples does not equal a whole bad bushel.