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Centrifugal pump..

Horizontal and vertical Horizontal less vibration, more support for mounting Vertical commonly used in process plants where vibraion is not a problem Multistage pump.. pump with 2 or ore impeller and each impeller is reffered to a stage Submersible. Used forwater and oil lifting, capacity depends upon casing size, electricity required to drive the pump Can used to lift liquid from storage tanks and sub-surface sourse, mostly used at offshore for fire water supply, both can and above can have 60 satges No of stages=toal required pressure/pressure per stage Horizontal used in process plants and oil pipeline, 8 stages seldoms in use, raise pressure up to 1000kpa.

Highest efficiency for centrifugal pump is 63%. Flowrate is directly proportional to efficiency. Flowrate is inversly proportional to head pressure. Efficiency is that percentage of energy that goes to liquid, remaininig energy goes for friction, heat, causing internal leakage. Flowrate is directly proportional to the power. 3500rpm is a common motor speed for pump. Speed=