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Reptica Resto Bar was established through collaborative efforts

and ideas of certain BSHRM students of Arellano University Pasig

Campus in Partial full fillment of the requirements in Entrepreneurship &
Business Planning. The Dream of Owning an extra ordinary
accommodating and simple restaurant has finally come into reality.
The Proponents were Richie Bersabe, Cindy Villanueva, Lea Rose
Burata, and Divine Grace Malto who really worked hard to conceptualize
the name, concept and lay out of the restaurant.
Reptica Resto Bar (fine dining) was derived from the different
characteristic of the members.
Richie was a happy person they like happy people to interact,
Cindy is approachable to the customer, Divine Grace is the one who give
an idea. And Leah Rose Burata who give us a moral support day by day.
This will cater authentic Asian Fusion Cuisine and exceptional
service that will continue the tradition of a quality family dining. At the heart
of Reptica Resto Bar
(fine dining) is a deep regard for our valued guests who will patronize our
ideals and aspirations in putting up this business. An ideas restaurant that
will evoke life’s simple joys, command satisfaction and inspire
To give the extra-ordinary taste of foods and to become a
famous buffet restaurant in the field of food service industry
We strive to earn a unique image by Providing
Great Food and Drinks
Fun and Friendly Services
Authentic Asian Fusion Cuisine Atmosphere
To be known in our chosen field and recognized as one of the
best establishment providing the best eminence of foods that
contribute to the economic growth of the country.
“ Remember when the Demand goes up, sales goes up, with
high sales and controlled costs means more money in our
• Monday-Thursday -3:00pm to
• Friday-Saturday-3:00pm to
• Sunday-6:00pm to 2:00am
It is our priority provides a safe, secure environment free both our
guest and employees.
Customer is always rights.
Arrive for your shift, on time and in complete uniform.
Attend on time.
Follow standard service procedure.
Prepare quality food product t exact recipe.
Work efficiently and at a fast pace.
Follow sanitation procedure.
Maintain cleanliness & personal hygiene standard.
Wear complete uniform both back of the house and front of the
Avoid absent.
Follow legitimate order of supervisors.
Unauthorized taking out of company property (such as
offices supplies, food, and other materials) is strictly
Drinking of liqueur or any intoxicating beverage inside
company premises is strictly prohibited.
Possession of deadly weapons (such as knife, ice peck, fire
arms, and exposures devices) within company premises s
strictly prohibited.
Palatable Dishes
Good Ambience
Better Entertainment
Has Good Location & Amenities
Good Company & Business Foundation
Lack of employee
Poor service rendered by same staff
Poor sanitation.
Nearby Offices
Out in the malls
Condominium within the vicinity
Located with in ortigas business area
Near by Hotel
Competitors with in the area.
Restaurant: Mugen , pancake house, Dencio’s
Coffee shops Starbucks
Bar: Arellano wine depot
Cafeteria: yoohoo
Future city Zooming
Nearby Malls
Mega mall, Robinson Galleria, St. Francis
Reptica Resto Bar is a fine dining restaurant with
acoustic Live Band entertainment.
We have a live Cooking session to
see what happening to their food preparation
and to serve them well.
Reptica Restobar located in the middle of the Famous Metrowalk
Commercial Complex in Ortigas Center. Reptica Restobar attracted many regular
customer be it young or old. We have a live cooking show to the customer, to see
what happen to htier food preparation. At the 1st floor we have a good ambiance
and set- up to the customer, 2nd floor we have a lived band and acoustic band
that really enjoy of them.
At Reptica Retobar (fine dinning) we believe in a making our guest feel
like they are in a real family owned Restaurant. A place with a warm, inviting
atmosphere and authentic Asian Fusion Cuisine fare that are certain to give them
a single unique and exceptional Dining Experience.
All of our menu items are served in Reptica Restorbar are unique shared-
style dining service each freshly prepared, delicious dish is served at the center of
the table so our guest may serve themselves just like they would at home. In fact,
this unique style of serving encourage guests to share their generous portions
and mix and match the collection of distinctive tastes and flavors of each Reptica
Menu items. Each bountiful portion attractively presented that guest will surely be
delighted and overwhelmed
Basic services of
Reptica RestoBar to
*Greet guest promptly
*Guide guest properly
*Introduce yourself
and your concept
*Writes down sequence to avoid auctioning
*Repeat the order of the guest to avoid of
wrong order
* Review orders to prevent wrong punches
before sending it to the kitchen.
*Describe featured items when presenting
*Prompt delivery of beverages, appetizer,
soup, salad and main course within the
correct ticket time.
*Maintain table appearance
*Pre- buss excess silver wares, china wares and
glass wares
*Refill bottom less drinks
*Present silver and chinaware as needed
*Change plates and ashtray when appropriate
*Suggest and sizzle dessert or other product
*Use bill folder
*Ensure checks is correct and easy to read
*Remain attentive for payment at guest leisure
* Thank you to the guest after they paid the bill
*Invite guest to return and bring other
*Guide them to the door and say thank you and
come again.
Organizational Chart

Marketing Manager Finance Manager

General Manager

Asst Restaurant Manager

Kitchen Manager

Bar and Beverage


Key Employee Key Employee

Chef -5
Server- 12
Bar- 4
Kitchen- 6
Security Guard- 4
Cashier- 2
Marketing Manager- the one who manage to promote our restaurant and
new technique to attract the customer/ guest to enter to our restaurant.
Finance Manager- checks if the there an increase in sales over current
situation of the business.
General Manager- sets all organization, objectives, formulate polices
implement programs and has the full authority and control of the business.
Asst Restaurant Manager- Does the responsibility of the General manager
if he is not around.
Kitchen Manger- performs the actual food preparation process for the
production of the food.
responsible for the food, before they serve for the customer.
Bar and Beverages Manager- responsible for the Beverages of the
Server- assist the need of the guest and serves the food and drinks
Bar- responsible for the drinks of the guest and to serve to them good.
Create blend and combine the ingredients to outmost of his knowledge.
Cashier- will sustain accounting works, billing and collection.
Chef- responsible for the food preparation and presentation of the food.
Security Guard- ensure the protection of the guest and the establishment.
Maintenance staff- maintain the cleanliness, equipment of the restaurant.
arrive for your shift, on time and in complete uniform
set up station to exact specification to ensure successful
Attend on time
Follow standard services procedures
Prepare quality food products to exact recipe
Work efficiently and a fast pace
Follow sanitation procedures, Maintain cleanliness and
personal hygiene
Serve properly prepared and garnished menu items: hot
food “HOT” and Cold food “COLD”.
Cooperate with follow employee and assist as needed.
Break down and clean station thoroughly every night.
Product/ Pcs. Prices

Reach in ref 2 70,000

Reach in Freezer 2 50,000
Compartment sink 3 10,500
Work table 1 6,000
Griddle 1 5,000
Grill 1 19,655
Gas range 1 53,195
Convection range 1 4,500
Microwave 1 4,500
Chef knife 3 927
Cleaver 3 1,050
Utility pan 3 1,200
Rice cooker 2 10,000
Bowl 9 1,800
Chopping board 10 2,0975
Colander 5 75,3075
Water dispenser 1 6,000
Blender 2 1,200
Scale 2 600

Toaster 1 2,000

Peeler 3 299.25

Chafing dish 2 4,000

Tong 6 598.5

Veg. peeler 4 399

Deep far peeler 1 6,500

Rotisserie 1 10,500
Pot and Pans

Casserole pan 4 599

Sauté pan 6 2,758.5

Frying pan 7 19,593

Pressure cooker 2 11,999

Wok 6 9,000

Steamer 2 4,399.5

Double boiler 3 8,999.25

Baking tins and Dishes

Pizza tray 6 582

Gratin dishes 3 428.25

Pie dishes 3 600

Baking sheet 4 1,132

Icing bag and nozzle 2 2,000.75

Pastry brush 4 236

Box cutter 3 600

Rotary whish 3 1,200

Kitchen scale 2 1,000

Measuring spoons 2 400

Dry measuring cup 2 900

Liquid measuring cup 2 298

White wine glass 12 957

Red wine glass 12 717

Highball glass 24 1,200

Brandy glass 12 1,797

On the rock glass 12 597

Water goblet 24 2,760

Shot glass 12 237

Champagne 12 4,317

Margarita glass 12 4,197

Salad plate 30 2,092.5
Salad bowl 30 7,642.5
bread plate 30 14,993.1
Saucer 30 3,150
Soup bowl 30 13,192.5
Dipper and gravy 30 374.5
Tea cup 30 1,042.5
Oval plate 30 3,120
Flatware and
Dinner knife 60 1,785
Dinner fork 60 1,785
Cocktail fork 60 4,140
Soup spoon 60 1,785
Dessert spoon 60 1,785
Teaspoon 60 1,485
Serving spoon 60 3,585
Serving fork 60 3,585
Bread knife 60 4,140
Ice cream scoop 2 379.5
Ladle 10 890
Spoon dinner 60 1,785
Bar Equipment

Bar sink 1 2,500

Bar refrigerator 1 9,795

Stirrer 3 387

Coffee maker 1 500

Wine rack 2 1,000

Blender 2 700

Water pitcher 6 1,194

Bottle opener 2 259.5

Wine bucket 3 1,260

Jigger 4 436

Cocktail shakes 2 339.5

Ice bucket 15 6,446.25

Electric Air pot 1 26,017


Air conditioner 9 274,491

TV 2 195.992

Other serving

Flower vase 4 3,999

ashtray 35 3,465

Bill folder 30 5,670

Straw dispenser 4 559

Tray 12 3,576

Glass divider rack 4 2,320

Cutlery rack 4 519

Dish plate rack 4 8,399

Comport room
Urinal with flush 8 28,000

Wash basin 2 399.5

Tissue dispenser 4 1,400

Mop 4 556

Broom 4 556

Dust pan 4 400

Mop stick 4 396

Mop heads 4 596

Squeegee 3 899.25

Trash can 4 2,079

Tabo 4 200

sink 8 28,000

Total: 1,477,961.75