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Anglo-American School Teacher Standards & Evaluation 2011-2012

Teacher: Peter Assimakopolous Date: May 2012 Assistant Principal: Robert Doyle Teacher evaluation is the responsibility of the division administration and serves to accomplish ve goals: To provide the teacher with an appraisal of the effectiveness of his/her performance; To demonstrate professional accountability in relation to AAS Teacher Standards; To communicate what is valued in the teacher/learning process; To provide opportunities for professional growth; and, To promote student learning by helping teachers become reective practitioners.

Evaluation is a continuous process, encompassing the total performance of the teacher. It is intended to be a positive tool designed to achieve mutual cooperation, team effectiveness, to promote student learning, and the accomplishment of overall school tasks and objectives. In addition to one or more formal observations, the formal evaluation is based on multiple and frequent professional interactions between the administrator and teacher. The formal evaluation reects on ve criteria of professional development and evaluation set by AAS Board Policy #5.41: Instruction, Classroom Management, Assessment, Beyond the Classroom, and Professional Development. The standards will be accompanied by a list of commendations (performance accomplishments) and recommendations (areas needing reection, growth, and possible improvement). Assistant Principal's Signature ____________________________________ Date___________ Teacher's Signature*____________________________________Date____________ The signature does not constitute endorsement of the evaluation but indicates the evaluation has been read and discussed

I.INSTRUCTION - The AAS teacher maintains a high standard of competence in his or her teaching area; stays current with research-based learning theory in instruction and assessment; implements the adopted curriculum; and uses a variety of teaching and learning activities to meet the needs of each student. COMMENDATIONS: This is Peters fourth year as Theatre Arts/Drama teacher has been very successful. Peter has been an excellent addition to school and promotes our belief in a student-centered environment, clearly valuing each student for their individuality and personal contributions to the school, his classroom and/or program. Peter is highly knowledgeable in his specialty of Performing Arts. His knowledge, instruction and continued learning reach beyond acting and include (but are not limited to), set creation, technical theatre, dramatic literary study and costuming. uses a variety of teaching strategies and assignments to promote student learning. differentiates his lessons, scaffolding to account for differences in skill level, stage readiness, prior knowledge and experience. He welcomes the challenge of having different levels of expertise and experience in his classroom and has restructured the leveling of drama classes to allow more students more opportunity to study Drama multiple semesters.

Peter has well established class routines such as calling circle and all students immediately conform. Drama class is always moving and transitions are rather seamless. When students present and perform, students critique in a positive fashion with one thing that went well and one thing to improve upon. Even when the performance had many things to improve upon Peter always found something that went well to help build upon student condence. One class observed was about unrealistic elements. The class knew exactly what the objective was and could call out the elements by route memory and identify them in performances. Students study the practical elements of Drama through research and reection all online via blogs and email. Students are aware of objectives and at the end of classes, Peter wraps things up and connects the classes together. Peter and his students know and understand the big ideas.

RECOMMENDATIONS: In consultation with Peter, he identied that he would like to work on clearer communications skills with students (he feels he has to rephrase directions many different ways to get the point across). this was not evident in observations. Peter also wishes to search for more interdisciplinary activities.


CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT - The AAS teacher establishes and maintains a healthy social, emotional, physical, and intellectual environment that promotes learning.

COMMENDATIONS: Exemplary classroom management skills!! Drama classes are full of movement and his directions and transitions are clear and he responds to the direction the class is headed. Drama at times can feel unsafe environment as more personal topics may arise which trigger student emotions. Peter is able to address personal student issues and is empathetic towards students and helps them harness/guide their feelings in a professional environment.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Peter should continue to build the positive relationships he has with students who are headed down the track of theater being of major interest to them and those who take theater merely as a credit course.


ASSESSMENT - The AAS teacher develops and uses appropriate assessment and evaluation procedures to diagnose student instructional needs; to assess student performance and instructional effectiveness; to inform instruction; and to provide a consistent, informative record of student achievement and habits of mind.

COMMENDATIONS: Peter has been a big part of putting together the curriculum on Atlas Rubicon!! We hope that it will continue to live as a dynamic document. Peter delivers the curriculum as outlines on Atlas Rubicon and continually refers to the standards and benchmarks set out well done!! RECOMMENDATIONS:

Blackbaud has information notes which can be used to share more detailed information with parents and students about assignments. Use of this system will better help record student achievement and inform students and parents of progress. IV. BEYOND THE CLASSROOM - The AAS teacher creates pleasant and collaborative relationships with others to design, complement, and support student learning; maintains appropriate communication links with parents; is available to students beyond teaching hours; and nurtures a positive school climate.

COMMENDATIONS: As HOD, Peter has worked positively with understands the needs of the entire school and he has the ability to see the larger picture. and students via email and is always available with him.

peers in HOD meetings and not just the Drama department Peter keeps links with parents for students to come and talk

Peter took on CAS this year with a serious amount of energy. He worked on phasing out an old CAS journal system and incorporating Managbac for the new juniors. This phasing in and out appeared to go rather seamlessly much to the credit of Peter. Peter revitalized the CAS programme by clearly articulating objectives to all stakeholders and providing transitioning to the incoming CAS coordinator. The Drama productions have steadily increased in quality largely due to Peter having started work with grade 9 students and then seeing them grow into the IB Theater programme. He has also been able to harness the energy and experiences of new students and incorporate them into HS drama productions. Peter is willing to give up his time to help students, even on Saturdays; he is very accommodating and has high expectations for his students. RECOMMENDATIONS: None at this time.


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - The AAS teacher continuously seeks ways to improve teaching by engaging in professional development activities and contributing to divisional or school-wide curriculum and program committees.


Peter has nished his Masters while at AAS and has also taken the CAS IB training. With the completion of his Masters, Peter has been able to use his knowledge when examining school-wide issues and understands the broad picture. In the developing curriculum, Peter has worked in partnership with the Curriculum Council and the Rubicon Atlas Core team. This year his professional goals included level 3 IB Theater training which he earned in London during IB TAPS. Peter also wished to use student created rubrics and this has been implemented. After the year Peter realized he needed more time to develop Rubicon but it is good shape for the incoming teacher.

RECOMMENDATIONS: None at this time.