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Full name:


Date of birth: 13th August, 1991 Place of birth: Nam Dinh, Viet Nam Gender: Male

Marital status: Single Health: Address: Mobile : Skype: E-mail : Good 1B 169/6 Hoang Mai Street, Ha Noi +841656094118 thangbka

EDUCATION 2006 2009: Studied at Giao Thuy A High School 2009- Now: Studying at HEDSPI (Higher Education Development Support Project on ICT ) of HUST (Hanoi University of Science and Technology ) Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi

AWARD AND ACHIVEMENT Passed University entrance examination : 28/30 (Hanoi, August 2009)

WORK EXPERIENCE 03/2012 - 06/ 2013: 06/2013 - 07/2013: Ideals System Viet Nam staff part time ( Latex, Adobe Flash Player ). FPT Software Hanoi Internship

LANGUAGES English Pre intermediate/ intermediate Basic communication, read skill: OK TOEIC: 435 Japanese JPLT: N3

SKILLS AND ACTIVITIES Skill: Teamwork: OK Programming Languages and Tools : C, Java, MySQL, Assembly, PHP, HTML Linux,

Graduation Research: Research on the smart card and simulation applications

Universitys Projects Dictionary on Linux Chess through Network (on Linux, Socket, C) Electronic Commerce Website design (PHP)

Activity: Hobby: reading book, music, backpacking with friends.

CPA: 2.79