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(EPF No: MH-97579 / ESIC No: 34-568-101) Since 2001

Services provided:
Security, Fireman, Labour, Housekeeping, Civil work.
Packers & Movers, Dog Squad

Mrs Vimal H Tarte (proprietor)


Ref : __________________


Date : 07-08-2012

Engineering Head Quarters, 3rd Floor ,Air-india, Old-Airport,

Santacruz,Mumbai. ATTN:-Mr.DIGHE.

Sir, We take this opportunity to present ourselves before you for providing Housekeeping Services at various locations of Engeneering Department. We are presently serving AIR-INDIA LTD by providing Dog Squad services at OLDAIRPORT. Likewise we are also providing security services to many companies, housing societies etc. We are in this field since 1996 and are providing services to more than Twenty Nine Companies. We are now undertaking the task of providing various Utility services to the organizations to suit their requirements. We are entering into a new area of providing Housekeeping and clerical staff Services to various companies at a very reasonable rate. We hereby request you to kindly consider us for providing House Keeping and Clerical Services in your company. We assure you that our services will give you utmost satisfaction and will not give you a chance for any complaint about our services. If required we can provide female Housekeeping staff separately. Considering ourselves competent enough to provide Housekeeping and clerical services, we hereby submit our proposal at a reasonable rate for your kind consideration. Please examine our proposal and allow us to commence our services in your organisation. You will feel the difference and also save on your expenditure. We Promise you that you will find our services to the standard set in line with your requirements. Please feel free to call on us for any clarifications required. Awating your positive response. Our email ID tartemukesh@gmail.com, tartepatilmuk@gmail.com
Yours Faithfully, For MAYUR SECURITY & ALLIED SERVICES. VIMAL .H. TARTE. (Proprietor). Encl: Our Housekeeping Proposal.

Annexure A Monthly Rates for providing Housekeeping and Clerical Staff and terms of provision of services.

1) Housekeeping
a) b) Supervisor c) Cleaning Staff Rs. 10,500/- pm. Rs. 6600/- pm.


a) b) Clerical Staff c)
1) 2) Administrative Charges Cleaning Material Charges.

Rs. 8500/-pm. 10% At actual.

Please note that above rate is for each unit of manpower provided and does not include any cleaning material cost. Cleaning material is required will have to be supplied by the company engaging the services. In case we are required to also provide the cleaning material, we can provide the same and the charges towards the material will be billed separately at the actuals. Our charges include the basic wages/provident fund/uniforms etc., to be paid to the manpower so supplied. Above proposed rates will remain same for all sites in Mumbai except airport premises. On engagement of our services at airports an additional 15% charge will be levied towards airport operators fees for obtaining clearance and issue of airport entry passes. Any other levies charged by the airport operator will be charged at actual. The manpower provided for housekeeping shall be responsible for collecting garbage from all the floors/locations of our service areas and dump it at clients designated site in the company premise. The manpower supplied will also be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness if the areas assigned. We shall provide all manpower and system support for efficient and timely housekeeping services at the premises. Please note: 1) Our staff will work 6 days a week and avail one weekly off. 2) He/She will perform duties in uniform.

Annexure B Terms & Conditions during our association with clients. Our Obligations

We will ensure that all our employees wear appropriate uniforms and safety Gear and adhere to the safety standards as laid down by the clients & the industry norms. All legal and statutory payments would be our responsibility. All our personnel would work for 9 hrs. a day
Client Satisfaction

A monthly evaluation of standards of clearing services provided by us would be evaluated. We will Endeavour to maintain high standards of cleaning.
Client Obligations

Store - Adequate space for storage of cleaning / maintenance material would be provided by the clients.

The client will provide free of cost utilities like running water, electricity required for housekeeping services.
Staff Facility

Client should provide a place at site for changing their uniform and toilet facilities.

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